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My Choices For The November 8th, 2016 General Election (Cheat Sheet)

September 15, 2016 1 comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Someone recently asked me for a condensed version (or cheat sheet) of my November 8th, 2016 general election recommendations that can be easily printed and taken to the polls. While I encourage everyone to research the candidates and issues on their own and come to their own conclusions, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post my cut and dry recommendations for easy reference.

You can view my detailed take on the candidates here:

And my detailed take on the propositions here:

Here’s the quick overview:

Flagstaff Mayor — Jerry Nabours

Flagstaff City Council — Jeff Oravits, Charlie Odegaard, Karla Brewster

Coconino County Board District 3 — Christine Gannon

Coconino County Board District 4 — Janis Crosman

FUSD Board — Danielle Lawrence, Carole Gilmore

Coconino County Recorder — Write in “None of The Above”

Coconino County Assessor — Write in “None of The Above”

Coconino County Superintendent Of SchoolsWrite in “None of The Above”

Coconino County Treasurer — Write in “None of The Above”

Coconino County Attorney — Write in “None of The Above”

Coconino County Sheriff — Jim Driscoll

Judges — Write in “None of The Above”

State Senator Legislative District 6Nikki Bagley

State Representative Legislative District 6 — Write in “None of The Above”

Corporation CommissionWilliam Mundell

Congressional District 1Write in “None of The Above”

United States Senate — Write in “None of The Above”

President of the United States — Anybody But Hillary

Proposition 205 — YES

Proposition 206 — NO

Proposition 410 — NO

Proposition 411 — NO

Proposition 412 — NO

Proposition 413 — NO

Proposition 414 — NO




Josh Collier Speaks About Liberty, Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility

June 21, 2016 1 comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Coconino County Board of Supervisors District 4 candidate Josh Collier spoke to Flagstaff Liberty Alliance about his platform of liberty, transparency and fiscal responsibility at FLA’s June 2016 meeting.

I live in District 4 and am happy to support and vote for Josh Collier. Check out his facebook page at  and be sure to give the video below a view.

Liberty Candidates Pull Papers In Coconino County

May 10, 2016 Leave a comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Many election cycles voters are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils or write in “None of the Above”. I am happy to say that this election year Coconino County residents will have some real liberty choices on the ballot that we can be proud to support. More liberty candidates may be announcing in the coming weeks but for now, in no particular order, here are some of the great choices you should see on your ballot in November:

Jonathan Apirion For Coconino County Attorney

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance member Jonathan Apirion has announced a run for Coconino County Attorney as a Libertarian. Today’s edition of the AZ Daily Sun has a great article covering his campaign HERE.

Apirion’s website has a long list of issues with well thought out perspective in the context of libertarian minded policy. Check it out and support his campaign. His website address is:

Josh Collier For Coconino County Supervisor District 4

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance treasurer Josh Collier has announced a run as a Republican for Coconino County Supervisor District 4 which will be vacated by Mandy Metzger at the end of the year. Collier is a true liberty candidate with a focus on transparency and fiscal responsibility. Getting more citizen involvement in County issues is a priority:

“I am running for Coconino County Board of Supervisors District 4. One of the main issues I see is lack of transparency within government, and I don’t feel as though the county has made any effort to increase transparency through video and audio recording of meetings. As County session meetings are often held midday on Tuesdays, many citizens are not able to attend. For this reason, I believe increasing access to that information may increase citizen participation. The Flagstaff City Council meetings, as well as the city commission meetings, are all video recorded and I see no reason why the county should not do the same.”

Collier’s facebook page can be found HERE. Check it out and support his campaign.

Christine Gannon For Coconino County Supervisor District 3

Former Flagstaff Liberty Alliance President Christine Gannon has announced a run as a Republican for Coconino County Supervisor District 3. She will be running against four term Democrat Matt Ryan. Gannon’s campaign is also focusing on transparency as well as getting back to the basic functions of government:

“I believe that it’s time for new faces and new ideas on the County Board of Supervisors. The County needs to refocus its efforts and get back to the roots of government – road maintenance, utilities & services improvement, and creating an atmosphere that allows for sustainable economic growth.”

Gannon’s website can be found HERE. Check it out and support her campaign.

Re-elect Jeff Oravits For Flagstaff City Council

Since he was elected to the Flagstaff City Council four years ago, Councilman Jeff Oravits has worked tirelessly to ensure that issues and concerns relating to liberty are addressed. His lone vote against Flagstaff’s overreaching party ordinance is just one example of the many times he has been the single liberty voice on council.

Regarding other issues that you have read about in my blog, Oravits was the driving force at the council level for changes to the Animal Keeping ordinance that encourage and legalize urban farming in Flagstaff. He also advocated for streaming and posting all public city meetings including budget and commission meetings.

Oravits is a strong proponent for government transparency and publishes all of his council votes on his blog so the public can see how he and other council members voted. You can find his blog HERE. Check it out and support his re-election campaign.

Meet The Candidates

The candidates mentioned above, along with other candidates for local and statewide races, will be in attendance at a legislative update event hosted by Flagstaff City Councilman Jeff Oravits.

When: Monday, May 16th from 5:30 PM -7:00 PM

Where: 2501 N. 4th Street in Flagstaff

Legislative RECAP from Speaker of the House David Gowan. City update from Mayor Jerry Nabours.

FREE event, includes pizza and soft drinks.

Legislative Recap: Speaker of the House David Gowan

City Update: Mayor Jerry Nabours

Brief introduction of City Council & County Board of Supervisors Candidates by Jeff Oravits.


Flagstaff City Councilman Jeff Oravits (second from left) takes time for a picture with Flagstaff Liberty Alliance at the Coconino County Fair.

Flagstaff Board & Commission Meetings Now Streamed And Posted On The City Website

September 30, 2015 Leave a comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

In a huge win for government openness and transparency, the City of Flagstaff recently began requiring all City boards and commissions to live stream and post their meetings on the City website. This effort was brought about by Councilman Jeff Oravits who has long advocated for increased meeting visibility.

In addition to streamed and posted meetings, a positive side effect of using City recording equipment is that commission meetings that were once held in hard to find backrooms at City Hall are now being held in the Council chambers. This change makes it much easier for the public to attend and provide input.

I am excited that Flagstaff residents will now have unlimited access to these important meetings. Boards and commissions play a large role in influencing council direction and the public deserves to be included in that process. Now if we can just get Coconino County to follow the City’s lead…

You can view all of the Commission meetings that have been recorded so far at the “Commissions” link here:

If you are a Flagstaff resident and would like to serve on a City Commission, you can fill out an application here:


Chairing the Flagstaff Sustainability Commission earlier this week. This video and all other City board and commission meeting video is available HERE at the “Commissions” link.

Flagstaff Council Considers Changes To The City Charter

October 28, 2014 1 comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

At tonight’s Flagstaff City Council work session, the council was introduced to a long list of proposed changes to the City Charter that were recommended after several months of work by a Charter Review Committee. Recommended changes by the committee include everything from term limits to districts to changing the Mayor’s term from two to four years.

The committee also worked to address another big issue that I have discussed multiple times on my blog. As today’s edition of the Daily Sun reports:

“It also recommended prohibiting the mayor or councilmembers from serving on the board of any institution or charity that receives money from the city.”

While this seems like a no brainer, City staff is not recommending that the Council move this amendment forward.

At the work session, Councilmember Coral Evans voiced her concerns and opposition to this change. Evans currently sits on the board of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association which receives money from the City and pays her a salary.

Other council members were silent on the issue.

The list of changes will be coming back to council and many of the changes will be discussed in detail. Others will be pushed to the side. With staff not recommending this change, it is possible that it will simply go away.

I encourage my readers who live in Flagstaff to contact the Flagstaff City Council and ask them to make this one a priority. Council may disagree with this change personally but they need to send it to the voters and let the people have the final say.

You can contact the Flagstaff City Council here:

Conflict of Interest

Coconino County Board Set To Vote On Regional Plan

November 22, 2013 2 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

On Tuesday, December 3rd the Coconino County Board of Supervisors will vote on the County version of the Flagstaff Regional Plan. With only minimal public input from County residents, every indication points to the County Board approving the plan as written with no changes or corrections.

This is very bad news for all of us in the County, especially residents of Doney Park, Kachina, Mountainaire, Bellmont, Timberline, Fort Valley, etc. who will be directly impacted by the plan but will not have the opportunity to vote on it like Flagstaff residents will.

While there is talk about changing the law at the State level to ensure that County voters will get to vote on these issues in the future, these changes will not be completed in time for the December 3rd County Board vote. If County residents have concerns about the plan it’s going to come down to contacting the County Board and asking for changes. If they hear from enough people they may listen.

Read The Plan

Yes, the plan is long and it will take time to go through but it could potentially impact every part of your life. Everything from how long you wait in traffic during your commute to work to what you are allowed do with your own private property.

This plan was written by a very one sided committee who has a vision for the region that could drastically change everything we love and care about in our community. Be informed and aware of what they have planned for you.

You can read the entire Regional Plan here:

Contact The County Board

Speaking at the County board meeting on December 3rd is key but I know many County residents are working or busy at 3:00 pm on a Tuesday. If you cannot attend and speak in person, please consider contacting the County Board and expressing your concerns.

You can find contact info for the County Board here:

Attend The Meeting

There will be a public comment period at the December 3rd County Board meeting. The meeting starts at 3:00 PM and will be held in the County public meeting room at 219 E. Cherry St.

Attending in person will have the biggest impact. If you are able, please make your voice heard.

Pages from Flagstaff-Regional-Plan-2-S

County Waste In The Spotlight

July 9, 2013 2 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

AZ Daily Sun reporter Cyndy Cole may be leaving the Sun for greener pastures but not before writing one of the best investigative pieces I’ve ever seen published in the local paper.

Sunday’s front page print exclusive titled Charge It: Spending Heavy, Oversight Lax For Some Coconino County Supervisors shines a giant spotlight on the massive amount of waste and abuse by Coconino County officials with no oversight or consequences.

Supervisors are never turned down for any request to use taxpayer funds for ANY purpose. This includes “outreach” to build a “better relationship” with the public. $677 for promotional office pens. $942 for promotional bike bottles and notepads. $4,591 for a trip to DC. $409 at a restaurant. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The list goes on and on.

When County residents protested the County property tax hike a couple years ago, now retired supervisor Carl Taylor said that the County had cut below what is healthy and that one of the biggest costs was due to crime. He told attendees that if we wanted to cut County costs we should tell our friends and family to behave.

Such arrogance. In reality, it’s the County Supervisors who should learn how to behave. They have proven once again that they are little more than greedy parasites who believe they are entitled to live the good life at the expense of the taxpayer.

And why not? Most board members run unopposed election after election after election. With that kind of job security they are very comfortable laughing at the concerns of residents who show up to speak out at County board meetings.

The Daily Sun article is now available online and something that every Coconino County resident should check out.


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