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My Statement Opposing 1/8 Cent Sales Tax Hike For Parks & Open Space

By Elisha Dorfsmith

This afternoon the Flagstaff Sustainability Commission voted 5-1 to support a proposed 1/8 cent sales tax hike for open space on the November, 2018 ballot. I was the lone NO vote. The Flagstaff City Council will be voting to put this proposal on the November, 2018 ballot in the coming months.

Below is my statement to the Commission explaining my vote:

“Studies by a number of non-partisan think tanks like the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy have concluded that a sales tax is the most regressive of the three main forms of state and local taxes. When looking at sales, property and income taxes, the sales tax disproportionately impacts the poor the most by taking a bigger chunk of money from people that have smaller sums of money and slower income growth.

As our commission works to expand our scope to include social and economic justice, this sales tax proposal will conflict with our new goals. It will push the sales tax above 9% making Flagstaff one of the highest taxed cities in the state.

This tax hike will add to an increased cost of living for everyone, especially our low income friends and neighbors. Those who will have a much more difficult time finding the funds they need for the increased cost of basic taxable items.

Some might argue that it is only a few dollars a month. I would ask them to talk to those in our community who live paycheck to paycheck and still struggle to purchase necessities. Can they afford additional monthly costs?

While I believe parks and open spaces are something our community highly values, (with the exception of the City Owned Schultz Pass parcel that Council and some special interest groups are pushing to develop) I cannot support increasing a regressive tax that penalizes those in our community who can least afford it. I will be voting NO.”

Here’s the official literature from supporters of the the 1/8 cent sales tax proposal.



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