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Flagstaff March Of Love Not Quite So Groundbreaking

January 29, 2017 Leave a comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Sometimes it is fun to take a little trip down memory lane. With the Women’s “March Of Love” bringing 1,500 people out in Flagstaff, a Democratic town, the left’s tea party is saying “the anti-Trump/GOP movement is becoming a force.”

But what about 2009 when over 1,000 people came out in Flagstaff to protest the Obama/DEM movement? This is what the left had to say back then:

“They’re just posturing because they’re upset that they lost the election,”

I personally am not a fan of the tea party in 2009 or the left’s tea party now but I will argue that bringing over 1,000 right leaning people out in leftist Flagstaff is a much bigger feat than bringing 1,500 left leaning people out.


Over 1,000 people rallied against the policies of Obama in Flagstaff, AZ in August, 2009. Photo SOURCE.


(Audio) Guest Co-hosting the January 18th, 2017 Jeff Oravits Show

January 19, 2017 Leave a comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

I had a great time guest co-hosting the Jeff Oravits show on 97.1 FM The Big Talker yesterday. We discussed Trump’s inauguration, democracy, living wage and much much more. Check out the full audio of the show here:

On the show it was mentioned that I live tweet the Flagstaff City Council meetings. You can follow those tweets at:


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