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LP Loses My Vote With A Johnson/ Weld Ticket

By Elisha Dorfsmith

This week’s Libertarian National Convention reaffirms that I made the right decision to register as an Independent (or party not declared) rather than a Libertarian when I left the GOP after joining the Republican Party to support Ron Paul.

The Libertarian party is supposed to be the party of principle and that means their candidates are held to a higher standard than other candidates. A Johnson – Weld ticket is not a principled ticket and does not meet my criteria. If the Libertarians had picked a principled VP I may have considered voting for Johnson but Weld’s record on a range of key liberty issues is very disturbing.

Libertarians have told me that they need Johnson and Weld to ensure that they receive enough support to have a voice in the debates…but at what cost to libertarian values? If the Libertarian Party gets into national presidential debates but does not promote the philosophy of liberty in those debates, what have they gained?

Trampling the rights of small businesses, supporting the Iraq war, defending the Patriot Act, and opposing gun rights are positions libertarians have taken a stand against for years. Why embrace candidates with those positions now? Even Donald Trump is more libertarian on issues like the 2nd Amendment.


At a Gary Johnson rally at ASU in 2012. Gary Johnson of 2012 sounded much more libertarian than Gary Johnson of 2016.


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