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Flagstaff Board & Commission Meetings Now Streamed And Posted On The City Website

By Elisha Dorfsmith

In a huge win for government openness and transparency, the City of Flagstaff recently began requiring all City boards and commissions to live stream and post their meetings on the City website. This effort was brought about by Councilman Jeff Oravits who has long advocated for increased meeting visibility.

In addition to streamed and posted meetings, a positive side effect of using City recording equipment is that commission meetings that were once held in hard to find backrooms at City Hall are now being held in the Council chambers. This change makes it much easier for the public to attend and provide input.

I am excited that Flagstaff residents will now have unlimited access to these important meetings. Boards and commissions play a large role in influencing council direction and the public deserves to be included in that process. Now if we can just get Coconino County to follow the City’s lead…

You can view all of the Commission meetings that have been recorded so far at the “Commissions” link here:


If you are a Flagstaff resident and would like to serve on a City Commission, you can fill out an application here:



Chairing the Flagstaff Sustainability Commission earlier this week. This video and all other City board and commission meeting video is available HERE at the “Commissions” link.

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