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Flag Council Votes Tuesday On Plastic Bag Ban

By Elisha Dorfsmith

On Tuesday, January 13th the Flagstaff City Council will be voting on whether or not to move forward with a plastic bag ban in Flagstaff. In previous posts I have talked about this coming up and now the date is officially set in stone.

The proposed ban will apply to “point of sale bags” which means all the bags you receive at the checkout counter will be illegal. Produce, dry cleaner and newspaper bags will be exempt. Businesses who don’t comply with the bag ban could receive up to $500 a day fines.

As longtime readers of my blog know, I strongly opposed this bag ban from the start. I was one of the two dissenting votes on the Sustainability Commission and argued that promoting recycling and educating the public about where to recycle bags would go a long way to help solve the bag litter problem.

Unfortunately, I was outvoted and the ban is now in the Flagstaff City Council’s hands.

If you believe you are responsible enough to reuse and recycle bags, then you know we don’t need to ban them. Please tell the Flagstaff City Council to vote NO on a bag ban.

I encourage everyone opposed to this ban to show up at the January 13th meeting at 6:00 PM and speak or fill out a comment card.

You can also contact the entire council by email here:


daily sun

If the bag ban is approved, it won’t apply to the Daily Sun throwing their unsolicited garbage in my yard.

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