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Flagstaff Council Considers Changes To The City Charter

By Elisha Dorfsmith

At tonight’s Flagstaff City Council work session, the council was introduced to a long list of proposed changes to the City Charter that were recommended after several months of work by a Charter Review Committee. Recommended changes by the committee include everything from term limits to districts to changing the Mayor’s term from two to four years.

The committee also worked to address another big issue that I have discussed multiple times on my blog. As today’s edition of the Daily Sun reports:

“It also recommended prohibiting the mayor or councilmembers from serving on the board of any institution or charity that receives money from the city.”

While this seems like a no brainer, City staff is not recommending that the Council move this amendment forward.

At the work session, Councilmember Coral Evans voiced her concerns and opposition to this change. Evans currently sits on the board of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association which receives money from the City and pays her a salary.

Other council members were silent on the issue.

The list of changes will be coming back to council and many of the changes will be discussed in detail. Others will be pushed to the side. With staff not recommending this change, it is possible that it will simply go away.

I encourage my readers who live in Flagstaff to contact the Flagstaff City Council and ask them to make this one a priority. Council may disagree with this change personally but they need to send it to the voters and let the people have the final say.

You can contact the Flagstaff City Council here:


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