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Why Republicans Have No Credibility

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman A. J. LaFaro is once again accusing Democrats of voter fraud (paving the way for the return of HB2305) and this time he claims he has proof…the perfectly legal practice of mass ballot collection.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of mass ballot collection, a practice where political parties and special interest groups pick up voted ballots from early voters and get them to elections office. BUT, both parties do it and to call it fraud is a big mischaracterization. Nobody has ever been able to prove that fraud has taken place during mass ballot collection in Arizona.

LaFaro goes on to say that the person returning the ballots said “go f*** yourself, gringo” when confronted. Maybe he did (and I wouldn’t really blame him for it) but if I had to guess I would say LaFaro is exaggerating a bit to make it more of a racial issue. That always gets Republicans riled up during election season.

Meanwhile, Republicans have been quite busy with their own mass ballot collection. But you won’t hear A. J. LaFaro playing the fraud card here:

AZGOP Ballot

Republicans lose all credibility when they cry fraud when Democrats do something that they themselves do.

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