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Knorr First Official Candidate for Flagstaff City Council

May 28, 2014 1 comment

For Immediate Release – 28 May 2014

Today, Jeff Knorr became the first official candidate for Flagstaff City Council. Jeff, accompanied by his wife Phebe, met with city officials to turn in petitions with more than 900 signatures. Those are 900 of your friends and neighbors that believe Jeff would be a great addition to our City Council. Jeff’s focus as a council member will be on applying COMMON SENSE SOLUTIONS to solve problems, like the lack of affordable housing options, that have plagued our city for too long.

Jeff has made Flagstaff his home for over 30 years and is a successful small business owner. He knows both what works and what does not when it comes to our town. He understands that core services have to be fully supported both today and into the future for our town to prosper. Jeff is committed to representing all residents of Flagstaff by presenting a balanced approach to the challenges and opportunities our Council faces.

Jeff will be providing concrete, achievable solutions to problems we face in Flagstaff in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Learn more about Jeff, his principles and his hopes for Flagstaff at and


Flagstaff City Council Candidate Jeff Knorr


Dems, Media Attack Kiehne Over Gun Comments

May 19, 2014 1 comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

During Saturday’s Arizona CD1 primary debate Congressional candidate Gary Kiehne said that 99% of mass shooters were Democrats. Democrats are reacting like he said 99% of Democrats are mass shooters. While 99% is certainly not a scientific number, the fact remains that every time there is a mass shooting the media jumps on it hoping it is a “right wing extremist” and nearly every time the details come out and the shooter is anything but right wing.

The overreaction to Kiehne’s statements by the media is very entertaining to say the least. Never a dull moment in politics.

UPDATE: Kiehne has apologized for using the 99% figure:

“This past weekend, I made a comment about the political affiliation of perpetrators of gun violence in the heat of a debate. I’ve since learned that the information that I based the comment off of was inaccurate and incorrect.

I’ve always believed that when you make a mistake, you should own up to it. Too many politicians today offer nothing but spin and excuses when they say something they shouldn’t have. I’m not going to do that. Simply put, I shouldn’t have made the comment, and I want to offer my apology for making it without any reservations.”

Coconino Community College Pushes For Another Tax Hike

May 4, 2014 2 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

In the “can’t take NO for an answer” category:

Buried in the business section of today’s Arizona Daily Sun is a notice for a May 27th public hearing on a proposed property tax hike for the Coconino Community College District. This news comes on the heels of voters soundly rejecting a CCC property tax hike last year.

While this current proposal is smaller than last year’s rejected tax hike, the message is loud and clear: if voters say no, find a way around them and raise taxes anyway.

It’s also worth pointing out that the proposed hearing will be held in Page where turnout and public comment promises to be very low. Intentional? You tell me. Below is the public notice in its entirety.

tax increase

Public hearing notice (click to enlarge).

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