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United Way: Fund Us Or Children Will Go Hungry

By Elisha dorfsmith

“What would happen if these services were reduced because of a cut in funding…a reduction in funding would result in fewer meals served…Fewer meals served means children and families go hungry”. — United Way Representative at the April 8th Flagstaff City Council Meeting

Nonprofit funding is once again making headlines as the Flagstaff City Council examines the merits of taxpayer funded charity. At the Council work session earlier this week, the room was packed with concerned individuals and groups as representatives from United Way defended the nearly $300,000 the City gives to the organization each year.

During the plea for funding, United Way explained that even small funding cuts would undoubtedly lead to children going hungry.

Granted, some of the organizations that partner with United Way do feed hungry children and I applaud them for that but is it really fair to say that a small cut in United Way funding would come from that area? I have my doubts. Using Children to make your argument is an effective way to pull on heartstrings but there are other things that should be considered before falling for the scare tactics.

Brian Gallagher, President/CEO of United Way Worldwide brings in an annual salary of $1,035,347. United Way of Northern Arizona gives close to $20,000 a year to United Way Worldwide. The City of Flagstaff gives nearly $300,000 to United Way of Northern Arizona. Clearly, some of your tax dollars are being used to pay for that bloated salary.

The head of United Way of Northern Arizona only makes $97,000 (plus benefits) a year and probably feels it’s not enough but when those of us who don’t make nearly that much are told we’re not paying our fair share, it makes you wonder if these people even live in the real world.

When you hear United Way say that if their share of tax dollars are cut, children will go hungry, think of Brian Gallagher and his $1,035,347 salary and ask yourself how many children could be fed if his salary was cut. United Way is not starving for cash and feeding the children should be the last thing they threaten to pull funds from if taxpayer dollars are reduced.



  1. Nancy Harrison
    April 11, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    Actually, when asked to contribute to United Way, I always decline and say that I already do through City taxes.

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