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I Am Officially Leaving The Republican Party

By Elisha Dorfsmith

As you all know, I have been threatening to leave the Republican Party and register as an Independent for a long time. The only thing holding me back was waiting for my term as an elected Precinct Committeeman to end. I take my obligations seriously and didn’t want to quit before my term was up.

This evening Coconino County Republican Committee Chair Joy Staveley sent out an email saying I had already registered as an Independent. This information was false (what else is new) but I have decided that now is as good a time as any to leave the corruption behind and look to the future. After I post this I will be going to the Secretary of State website and registering Independent.

Here is the letter from CCRC Chair Joy Staveley:

“Dear Fellow PCs,

I was recently advised by one of our PCs, Hunter Kemmett (who will be re-registering in Maricopa County), that Cindy and Elisha Dorfsmith had re-registered as Independents. Elisha mentioned this on his facebook page, although I have not received word from Cindy or Elisha directly. By this email, I am requesting that if any of you have recently re-registered as an Independent or some Party other than Republican, or if you have moved out of the Precinct you were elected in, that you please send me an email notifying me of such change.The AZGOP has requested updated PC lists, and I would like to be sure I am sending them current information.

I do check the voter registration list on a regular basis, but they take a while to show registration changes.

Thank you for your help.

Joy Staveley
Coconino County Republican Committee”

My Response:

Hello Joy,

I am still registered as a Republican and was planning on waiting until my PC term was over before re-registering as an Independent. I said as much in my Facebook posts. But since you seem to be anxious for it to happen sooner, I’ll be happy to officially resign now and re-register Independent tonight. Here’s my letter of resignation:

Dear Coconino County Executive Committee,

I am writing you today to officially resign my position as an elected Precinct 26 Republican Committeeman in Coconino County.

During the last election cycle I worked hard to elect Republican candidates. I knocked on hundreds of doors and handed out thousands of pieces of literature. I stood outside polling places and waved signs for Republican candidates. I spent hours at the Republican booth at the County Fair. I worked to register Republican voters.

Was it appreciated? No. You and others in the GOP blamed me (and other Ron Paul supporters) for Jonathan Paton’s loss in CD1 even though I voted for him and worked on his campaign. You blamed me for Romney’s loss even though he won Arizona AND my precinct. Your blind hate for Ron Paul and his supporters made it impossible for you to see reality.

I reluctantly stuck around as a PC when you held a secret vote recount and State Committeemen Drake Mitchell and John Kistler were replaced with State Committeemen from the establishment slate. This was in direct violation of Rule 14 which was approved unanimously at the statutory meeting.

I reluctantly stuck around as a PC when an attorney charged the CCRC $3,300 to tweak the bylaws and justify the removal of elected Treasurer Ray Jordan by the Executive Committee. Precinct Committeemen were never told why Ray Jordan was removed and Ray Jordan was never given the opportunity to defend himself before the group. (I have noticed that other organizations like Theatrikos are proud to have him on their board).

The last straw comes with the approval of bylaw changes that allow the Executitive Committee to remove any officer they find fault with. There is now no reason for anyone to run for an officer position if they are not satisfied with the status quo. If by chance they are elected, I am confident that the other officers will conspire together to remove that person.

There was a time when I thought there was hope for the Republican Party. I thought it could be fixed. I have learned that anybody who tries to make a difference in the GOP is seen as the enemy. I am convinced that the place for those who care about honesty, integrity and liberty is NOT in the Republican Party.

Thanks for opening my eyes and allowing me to see things for how they really are.


Elisha Dorfsmith


  1. Nancy
    April 15, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    I’m sorry to hear that, Elisha. I don’t blame you, but the GOP has lost a great activist. I’m sure the exec. committee sees this as a big win, but it’s really their loss. It’s also a loss for every Republican and conservative in Coconino County who have no idea how little time is actually spent reaching out to voters and getting Republicans elected. They would be appalled. I believe they should know, and I encourage you to write a letter to the editor about your resignation and the mismanagement of the CCRC. When Kirkpatrick wins another term, at least then R voters will know who to blame when they call Robert Graham to complain.

  2. Peter
    May 4, 2014 at 11:57 am


    Great example of my exact experiences and several of my friends, as well.

    Please send/repost your well-written article to LewRockwell.com, DailyPaul.com, FreedomsPhoenix.com, and ZeroHedge.com. (They all will post it). Your excellent letter explains exactly what endless manipulations the executive-level of the Republican Party uses to strip-off our REAL freedoms, while pretending “to represent us” and “our own good”.

    They DO NOT represent Americans, yet your wonderful article will expose that on major websites. All our experiences are the same as yours in each and every county of this Country.

    Let’s publicize their phony, non-presentation of the American People, far and wide. The rotten Republican Party needs a complete overhaul; and ONLY a nationwide crisis of DISBELIEF will create any change. We need to send them the unavoidable message that we are not their perpetual children; to manipulate into their tax, war, and anti-freedom-candidate agendas any longer!

    Thanks much Elisha!

    Thanks Elisha!

  1. September 3, 2014 at 8:10 pm

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