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Endorsement: Barry Hess For Governor Of Arizona

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Today I am happy to announce that I will be voting for Barry Hess for Governor of Arizona on November 4th. If there has ever been a time for Arizonans to break free of the two party monopoly and support principle over party that time is now. Hess is the current Vice Chairman of the Arizona Libertarian Party and he has a long track record of defending liberty and promoting freedom across the state.

Recently Barry Hess helped lead a broad coalition against a bill that was passed by the Republican legislature to limit voter choice and dampen turnout among non-Republicans. The opposition was so successful that Republicans ran scared and ended up pulling the bill. Republicans will probably bring the bill back at a later date but the people of Arizona won this round and Hess deserves a lot of the credit.

All too often our ballot is filled with candidates with ulterior motives who are owned by corporate and political interests. It’s rare when a candidate steps up for the purpose of fighting for what’s right and standing up for the people. As Governor, Barry Hess will work for YOU…not the special interests.

Visit the Barry Hess for Governor website here:


Visit the Barry Hess Facebook page here:



Barry Hess takes time out for a photo with me at a speaking engagement in Flagstaff in 2010 (click to enlarge).


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