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Zero Tolerance For Hypocrisy

January 10, 2014 2 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

There are two things I have always had a lack of patience for and those are lies and hypocrisy. Hypocrisy especially gets under my skin. When people form opinions and speak their mind without checking to see if it is consistent with their philosophy or other beliefs it drives me crazy.

I too have been guilty of this from time to time and when it is pointed out I beat myself up over it and work to change my views to make them line up with my other beliefs. My quest for consistency is what ultimately led me to embrace libertarianism and the philosophy of liberty. Supporting freedom for people to live their lives as they please as long as they are not hurting others is very consistent and even if we disagree with what others are doing we can still support their right to do it.

Contrast that with liberals and conservatives and most other people who want freedom for themselves but at the same time want to control and limit what others are allowed to do. It ultimately boils down to feelings and emotions. I like this but I don’t like that so therefore this should be legal and that should be illegal. Throw politicians in the mix and you have inconsistency and hypocrisy jumping out at you with each new bill that is signed into law.

The Federal Drug War

I was reminded of this hypocrisy yesterday while listening to an interview with State Senator Chester Crandell on the Joe Harting Show. Crandell is known for his strong support for states’ rights and telling the Federal Government to back off but when asked how he feels about Colorado legalizing marijuana his answer was very inconsistent with his other rhetoric. He said that one of the problems that we have is that the Federal Government is turning a blind eye and not enforcing Federal marijuana laws.

Here is a perfect example of someone writing law after law telling the Federal Government to back off but at the same time wanting the Feds to come in and enforce unconstitutional drug laws simply because he does not like the idea of people using marijuana.

Crandell claims to be a Constitutionalist but I would remind Crandell that alcohol prohibition required a Constitutional amendment and no such amendment was passed to give the Federal Government authority to invade states and arrest marijuana users.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Not long ago I got into an argument with State Representative Bob Thorpe on twitter (before he deleted his twitter account) over mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders. He believed that mandatory minimum sentences were great for locking up everyone including first time lawbreakers.

I reminded Thorpe that conservatives are supposed to believe in individuals and often say that they do not believe in lumping people into groups. Treating some kid who is a first time drug offender like a hardened criminal is inconsistent with those values. Conservatives should look at individual circumstances and support charges on a case by case basis. Sadly, Thorpe defended his hypocrisy.

Zero Tolerance Policies

Conservative media and talk radio have spent a lot of time (and rightfully so) over the past few years attacking policies in schools that treat kids who bring lego guns, or point fingers or sandwiches the wrong way the same as kids who bring a real gun to school. These zero tolerance school policies throw common sense out the window and treat innocent kindergarteners playing games with their food like potential Columbine shooters.

This week it was reported that the Obama Administration is encouraging schools to drop zero tolerance policies. You would expect conservatives to embrace this move. No such luck. I attended a forum last night where State Senator Chester Crandell spoke about this and accused the Obama administration of not believing in discipline at schools.

Politics and emotions have allowed Conservatives to now support the extremely unfair zero tolerance policies that they have railed against for so many years. They changed their tune simply because the Obama Administration has announced that it does not support them.

I have zero tolerance for this kind of hypocrisy. I campaigned for Senator Crandell and Representative Thorpe in 2012. I will not be voting for Crandell or Thorpe this year.


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