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NDAA, The Federal Reserve and Co-hosting The Joe Harting Show On December 20, 2013

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Last week I was happy to return to co-host the Joe Harting show heard on 105.1 FM The Big Talker. I want to thank Joe Harting for giving a shout out to this blog and allowing me the opportunity to once again discuss issues from a liberty perspective on the show.  I encourage my readers to subscribe to the Joe Harting Show youtube channel which can be found HERE.

The video of Friday’s show is posted below but first I want to post some links and a few additional thoughts to supplement the discussion.

Libertarian Solutions To Environmental Issues

During the show I mentioned Russell Means and his thoughts on the environment. Here’s a short quote that kind of sums up where he was coming from:

“A libertarian society would not allow anyone to injure others by pollution because it insists on individual responsibility. That’s part of the beauty of libertarianism.” –Russell Means

The big question is how do we enforce that idea when some people are not responsible? Especially when politicians all too often write in exemptions for their irresponsible buddies and financial interests. In the discussion that followed on the Joe Harting Show facebook page, many possible solutions were brought up including tariffs, allowing energy competition, and prison for major offenders.

I am confident that there are libertarian solutions to the environmental problems we face and will be writing more about this in the future. In the meantime, here’s an article I wrote a while back discussing liberty and the environment:

Flagstaff City Council Considers Energy Caps

Also, I double checked my claim on the show and it is true that some scientists did say that Northern Polar waters would be ice free by 2013. This study was quoted by Al Gore during his acceptance speech at the Nobile Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo in 2007 (SOURCE).

NDAA Renewed

While everyone was focused on Duck Dynasty and preparing for the holidays, the United States Senate quietly renewed the National Defense Authorization Act which (as you probably know) allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens.

AZ Senator Jeff Flake was one of only 15 senators to vote against reauthorizing the NDAA. I don’t often say kind things about Flake but this is one case where I think he should be thanked for voting the right way. More info on the NDAA renewal can be found here:

Senate Passes 2014 NDAA via Fast Tracking, President To Sign

Duck Dynasty

I am sick and tired of this story but since people keep asking what I think about it, here you go:

I believe people have a right to say what they think even if it’s not popular. I also believe private companies have a right to fire people for any reason as long as the contract allows for it. And of course, everybody has a right to boycott anybody they want for any reason they want.

All I see here are a bunch of different people exercising their rights. Let the marketplace of ideas and values sort it out. What I don’t want is for people to ask government to step in and use the force of law to get their way (this goes for both sides in the debate).

Michael Badnarik

On the show I mentioned that Michael Badnarik sparked my interest in Libertarianism when he ran for president in 2004. I encourage my readers to check out his book:

Good To Be King: The Foundation of our Constitutional Freedom

Federal Reserve

Tomorrow (Monday, December 23) is the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve. Protests are planned around the country and along with the sign waves people will be calling their representatives to encourage them to support audit the fed legislation. I recommend the following books for those interested in learning more about the Federal Reserve:

The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin

End The FED by Ron Paul


The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

A Government Of Wolves

During the discussion of ALEC on the Joe Harting Show I mentioned John Whitehead’s most recent book dealing with the American police state and the ever growing threat to personal freedom in the United States. Several chapters deal with ALEC and their support of laws that create more criminals and more private prisons which in turn creates more money for the prison industrial complex. This just might be the best book of 2013. Highly recommended:

A Government Of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State by John W. Whitehead

Safer Arizona

I am currently circulating petitions for Safer Arizona, the initiative to legalize marijuana in Arizona. If we’re successful in collecting enough signatures this will be on the ballot in 2014. Spending billions of dollars to incarcerate non-violent drug offenders is ridiculous and it’s time to put a stop to the nonsense. You can learn more about the Safer Arizona campaign HERE.

Kiehene For Congress?

If you live in Arizona Congressional District 1, please check out the VIDEO of the CD1 GOP congressional candidate debate which was organized by the Navajo County Republican Committee last week.

I will be voting in the Republican primary and I can confidently say that Gary Kiehene will be getting my vote. I liked most of his answers but more importantly, he is the only candidate who did NOT vote to support HB2305 (the bill which attempted to keep Libertarians off the ballot in Arizona).

Kiehene is also the only candidate who answered the “should America be the policemen of the world” question correctly (he said NO period). Rep. Adam Kwasman also said no and then supported policing Iran and Libya which came across as a lot of doublespeak.

As I said last week, Andy Tobin has the GOP nomination in the bag because he has the establishment’s backing but after watching the debate, it’s clear that Kiehene is the perfect protest vote.


Arizonans need to send Andy Tobin, Adam Kwasman and everyone else who voted for HB2305 a strong message that this bill is a deal breaker and that it’s NOT ok to step on the little guy for political gain. They’ve gone too far and we’re not going to let them get away with these types of dirty tricks anymore.

Follow Me On Twitter

I have been extremely busy with work and various projects lately and I have found that when I’m short on time a short post on twitter is the best way to get my thoughts across. If you’d like to keep up with my daily rants and ramblings please consider following me on twitter. You can find me here:


Joe Harting Show

Finally, here’s the video of me co-hosting the Joe Harting show on December 20th:

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