Gambling, Airlines and Upcoming Events (Weekly Update)

By Elisha Dorfsmith

I took a few days off from politics last week and spent some time in Pinetop and the surrounding area hunting for used books and other treasure. Visiting thrift stores and swap meets is part of my business but I also give away hundreds of liberty books every year and was happy to find some good liberty books to give away at future Flagstaff Liberty Alliance events.

Since I was out of town I may have missed a few local stories here and there but this is what has my attention this week:

City Seeks New Airline For Pulliam Airport

Last month the City of Flagstaff sent out an RFP seeking a new airline for Pulliam Airport. The RFP offers an $800,000 incentive for an airline to fly two round trip flights a day to a hub city for one year. After one year the Airline is free to leave.

The money comes from a Federal grant and as we all know grant money is free and is grown on the lovely grant trees in Washington DC so it’s not like it’s your tax money or anything being used for this big gamble.


A concerned friend had this to say about the proposed airline:

“I spoke with an administrator of the airport. He said the growth of the airport is quite slow and regarding an increase in air traffic (why I called) it would take 20 years to see a significant increase. In fact the business has been less lately than the slowly increasing graph of growth would lead you to expect… So, not only is the demand not increasing very fast, it has tapered off.

There is no reason to throw money at an airline if the airport is not a booming business. I bet no one living near the airport wants to see an increase in air traffic either. With the money they were going to spend on bribing an airline to operate here they could finish up all the half started projects I see everywhere.”

I agree. This promises to be a disaster just like Horizon Air was. Government cannot create a market that doesn’t exist.

Local Gambling Ring Busted

This week the AZ Daily Sun reported that the Flagstaff Police Department broke up an online gambling ring organized out of a local Fourth Street business.

While congratulating law enforcement for their efforts, Officer Cory Runge of Flag PD told the Sun:

“Typically, with these types of operations, they target the elderly, minorities, low-income communities and women, they have them come in and gamble. Then, because the win ratios are so low, they almost never win. It’s basically a big scam. They target the poor.”

Wait a minute…didn’t officer Runge just describe the government run Arizona Lottery?


Knorr Appointed To The BPAC

Congratulations to longtime Flagstaff Resident and local businessman Jeff Knorr for his appointment to the City of Flagstaff Beautification & Public Art Commission (BPAC) tonight!

Council member Coral Evans and Council member Celia Barotz both voted against his appointment which is an extreme rarity. Usually recommended candidates receive unanimous support. Knorr is in good company though. Barotz and Evans both voted against me for the Sustainability Commission last year even though I was the recommended candidate. They knew I would bring balance to the commission and they wanted it to remain one sided.

Tonight Evans and Barotz have proven once again that their agenda is more important than representing all of their constituents and making sure a variety of viewpoints are heard.

Flag Liberty At First Friday

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance will once again have a booth in Heritage Square for this month’s First Friday Art Walk (October 4th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm).

This month we’ll be focusing on a variety of liberty issues including our food freedom resolution and our March Against Monsanto event on October 12th. We’ll also be handing out lots of literature and free liberty books. Be sure to stop by and say hello!


Flag Liberty table at First Friday.

Flagstaff Shelter Services Fundraiser

In preparation for the winter season, Flagstaff Shelter Services will be holding a fundraiser and donation drive on Saturday, October 5th from noon to 2:00 pm. The shelter is in desperate need of everything from socks to towels to jackets and warm clothing.

It’s always great to see people voluntarily coming together to support a good cause and this is a cause I strongly support.

More information on Flagstaff Shelter Services can be found HERE.

March Against Monsanto Take Two

On October 12, 2013 food freedom activists across the world will once again join together to protest Monsanto and the push by companies and governments to control the world’s food supply.

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance is organizing the local protest in front of Flagstaff City Hall starting at 2:00 pm. We hope to send a strong statement that cronyism between big business and government will not be tolerated.  It’s time to stand up and support food freedom and local gardens and farms.

Like our “No War In Syria” protest, this is an issue that concerns people across the political spectrum. Please help spread the word about this event.

picture 1

Protestors at the last March Against Monsanto event at Flagstaff City Hall.

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