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146,000 Signatures Turned In For HB2305 Referendum (Weekly Update)

By Elisha Dorfsmith

“Evidently Republican leadership knows they can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, so they resort to cheating. Did they really think their attempts to hijack Arizona’s elections by controlling who would be on the ballot to represent Arizona would be unnoticed?” —Barry Hess, Arizona Libertarian Party

This afternoon a press conference was held by members of the HB2305 referendum effort’s Protect Your Right To Vote Committee (I have talked about this effort many times on my blog). One of the speakers at the event was Barry Hess of the Arizona Libertarian Party who made a statement that Republicans in Arizona have succeeded in uniting every other political group in the state against them by pushing HB2305 through the legislature.

Hess is correct in his assertion. Libertarians, Greens, Independents, Democrats and honest Republicans all joined together to collect signatures for the effort. Republicans who thought they could slip this bill in under the cover of night without consequences have made a gross miscalculation and the people have risen up against them.

Today over 146,000 HB2305 referendum signatures were turned in…well above what was required! Organizers needed a little over 86,000 valid signatures to qualify for ballot access. The extremely high number of signatures turned in guarantees that you WILL be able to vote on the bill on election day.

This is wonderful news and I am confident that Arizona voters will overwhelmingly vote to put an end to this sneaky attempt by Republicans to destroy third parties and limit voter choice.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen!

right to vote

Some of the boxes of HB2305 referendum petitions turned in today (click to enlarge)

Anti Gun Legislators Recalled In Colorado

Two anti gun legislators were recalled in Colorado yesterday as voters sent a strong statement to their state and the rest of the Country that excessive gun restrictions will not be tolerated. This is just a first step and many pro gun groups are working behind the scenes to repeal some of the anti gun laws that were passed by the Colorado legislature.

Former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is leading some of these efforts including one to repeal a recent state law banning certain gun magazines.


(Former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson)

On a side note, Arizona’s HB2305 also made it harder for people to recall elected state officials. Just another reason to oppose the bill. As Colorado has shown, there are times when a recall is necessary and Arizonans need to retain that option for when it’s needed.

Equal Marriage Arizona Ends Petition Drive

Former Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson was also Honorary Chair for Equal Marriage Arizona, a group of Log Cabin Republicans and Libertarians who were working to put same sex marriage on the Arizona ballot in 2014.

The group expected serious opposition from social conservatives but instead found their fiercest opposition to be from State and National gay rights groups. Any gay rights group that endorsed Equal Marriage early on was pressured and even bullied by larger gay rights groups to pull their support and withdraw their endorsements.

The gay rights groups could never offer a consistent reason for their opposition to Equal Marriage Arizona. They argued that the timing was wrong, the organizers couldn’t be trusted, the language was wrong (it protected Churches), etc.

As someone with some knowledge of what went on behind the scenes, my feeling is that most gay rights groups were opposed to Equal Marriage Arizona simply because it was being led by Republicans and Libertarians. They were very upset that Democrats would not get the credit if it passed.

Whatever the true reason for the opposition, Equal Marriage Arizona is dead for now…

UPDATE: Thanks to Reason Magazine for adding my thoughts to their article on this topic today:



Flagstaff Pride admits they helped kill the ballot measure because they didn’t trust the Log Cabin Republicans and Libertarians who created the initiative (click to enlarge)

Coconino Community College Tax Override

Later this year, Coconino Community College will be asking voters to approve a property tax override that will add $50 to the average homeowner’s tax bill. Even if the override passes, tuition for CCC students could still be increased.


Last night former Flagstaff Mayor Joe Donaldson told the Flagstaff City Council that he endorses the property tax hike. Organizations and individuals across Flagstaff will soon be lining up to follow in Donaldson’s footsteps.

As the campaign heats up, those of us who plan to vote NO can expect to be harassed and called names for “not supporting public education”.

For the record, I do support education. I just don’t support property taxes. Period. I will always vote NO.

Flagstaff Regional Plan Update

At last night’s Flagstaff City Council Work Session, Mayor Nabours and Councilmembers Brewster and Oravits expressed deep concerns about wording in the Regional Plan document. On one hand they are being told that the regional plan is a “suggestion” and a “guide” and on the other hand the document is filled with words like “policy” and “shall” and “will”.

Staff tried to tell Council that “policy” does not mean law, “shall” does not mean shall, and “will” does not mean will. At the end of the discussion Councilmember Overton said he agreed with staff and does not want to see the word “policy” removed from the document. He said he appreciates the document and thinks it’s a good document. Then he went on to say that discussing the document in detail and taking more public input was hurting the process. He suggested that some council members were using public comment to derail the plan.

Alright Councilmember Overton. If my opinion does not count and the opinions of other Flagstaff residents do not count and if you are too lazy to go through the document and fix the many contradictions and flaws, then Flagstaff residents know exactly what to do when you are up for re-election next year. I expect a lot of your former supporters to keep that “Overton” box on their ballot blank.

Here’s a recent article I wrote expressing my concerns about the Flagstaff Regional Plan:


March Against Monsanto Take Two

On October 12, 2013 food freedom activists across the world will once again join together to protest Monsanto and the push by companies and governments to control the world’s food.

Flagstaff will be holding our protest in front of Flagstaff City Hall starting at 2:00 pm. Bring your signs and invite your friends! Let’s pack the City Hall lawn.

It’s time to:

Support Food Freedom!

Protect Our Food Supply!

Support local gardens and farms!

Expose the cronyism between big business and government!

Say NO to Monsanto!

You can join the facebook event here:



Monsanto protestors at Flagstaff City Hall.


  1. September 12, 2013 at 8:52 am

    >>Any gay rights group that endorsed Equal Marriage early on was pressured and even bullied by larger gay rights groups to pull their support and withdraw their endorsements.<<

    1) Which "gay rights group… endorsed Equal Marriage early on"?

    2) Which such groups were "pressured and even bullied by larger gay rights groups to pull their support and withdraw their endorsements"?

    3) Which "larger gay rights groups" "pressured and even bullied" them "to pull their support and withdraw their endorsements"?

    4) Who in the "larger gay rights groups" "pressured and even bullied" them "to pull their support and withdraw their endorsements"?

    Thank you.

  2. September 12, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Organizations who were pressured to withdraw support: HERO, PFLAG Tucson, Arizona Log Cabin Republicans and even Flagstaff Liberty Alliance.

    Larger groups who pressured the other groups to leave included Flagstaff Pride, ACLU Arizona, HRC and from what I’ve heard even National gay rights groups.

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