Response To Robert Graham And The Arizona GOP

By Elisha Dorfsmith

I was very disappointed yesterday to read a press release from AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham saying that the Arizona Republican party was committing resources and funds to fight the HB2305 referendum that I, along with many others are circulating

Graham falsely says that this is a Democrat led effort and he never mentions the part of the bill that destroys third parties in Arizona.

The truth is, Libertarians, Greens and other groups are all part of the movement to put the HB2305 referendum on the ballot. This is not a partisan issue. Sure, different groups dislike the bill for different reasons but everyone agrees that massive election law changes should go to the voters.

By trying to legislate the vote in their favor, corrupt Republicans have united Independents, Greens, Libertarians, Democrats, Tea Party Members and Republicans with a conscience against HB2305 which was passed without ANY testimony from the third party organizations it impacts.

The part of HB2305 that hurts 3rd parties was actually slipped into the bill at the last minute when nobody was looking and they thought they could get away with it. This is what we call dirty politics for political gain.

Several key Republicans who voted for the bill have even publicly admitted that political gain is exactly what they want. They blame Libertarian candidates (“spoilers”) for their loss in at least two Arizona Congressional districts including CD1. Their solution to this “problem” is to take away your choice on election day.

We can’t let that happen! This referendum needs to be put on the ballot!


A few years ago Frank Mulligan ran as a Libertarian in LD2 against then State Rep. Tom Chabin. The Republican Party never ran candidates in LD2 and we believed voters needed more choices on the ballot. With the new rules in HB2305, candidates like Frank Mulligan will find it nearly impossible to achieve ballot access.


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