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Food Freedom Resolution Presented To Council / 2012 Energy Code Fails

By Elisha Dorfsmith

After several rewrites and many setbacks, Flagstaff Liberty Alliance finally presented our Food Freedom Resolution to the Flagstaff City Council at tonight’s meeting.  Along with the resolution we provided close to 300 signatures from people in the region supporting the resolution.


Flagstaff Liberty Alliance member Joanna Estes presents our Food Freedom Resolution to the Flagstaff City Council.

Due to public participation unexpectedly not being on the agenda at the beginning of the 6:00 meeting, the resolution was presented at the end and council was unable to move it forward tonight.

If all goes well it will be added to a future agenda at next week’s meeting. It’s a long slow process but but we are now one step closer. Council has the resolution in their hands!

Thanks to everyone who came out and sat through the three hour meeting to support it! Special thanks to all the Flag Liberty kids for being so patient!


Flagstaff Liberty Alliance members smile for the camera during a council break.

2012 International Energy Code Fails

Also tonight, the Flagstaff City Council voted 6-1 to not move forward with the 2012 International Energy Code. At next week’s meeting they will choose between sticking with the 2006 energy code or moving to the 2009 code.

The majority of the citizens who spoke at tonight’s meeting opposed adoption of the 2012 code which would have greatly increased the cost of building a home in Flagstaff.

Those who did support adopting the stricter code seemed to have a vested interest in the code passing (Coconino County Sustainability Department, the owner of E3 Energy, etc).

After the vote, Flagstaff City Councilman Jeff Oravits posted the following statement on his blog:

“Tonight the Flagstaff City Council voted against the adoption of the 2012 Energy Code after hearing hours of testimony from Flagstaff residents and business’s largely opposed to the adoption of the code.

I am pleased with Council’s 6-1 vote rejecting this stringent code and its thousands of dollars in additional costs that would have been imposed on Flagstaffs residents and businesses.”

July 4, 2012 UPDATE: The City of Flagstaff says they will be bringing back the possibly of adopting the 2012 International Energy Code at the July 16th council meeting.

A couple City Council members and some City staff are not willing to let the issue go. They want the stricter codes and will not take no for an answer.


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