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AZ Daily Sun Comes Under Fire From Councilman Oravits

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Flagstaff City Councilman Jeff Oravits wrote a scathing rebuke of the Arizona Daily Sun this morning on his blog in response to articles and editorials misrepresenting the City budget, among other things.

Oravits says:

“Many newspapers and the “mainstream media” wonder why their market continues to decline yet it’s so obvious. They used to report facts and news but are now by and large a mouthpiece for ideologue editors and producers who care little for facts or news so long as their agenda is pushed.”

Oravits closes his post by asking:

“Will newspapers like the Daily Sun ever get back to reporting the news based on facts and real journalism? Or will they go the way of the 8-track and the Dodo Bird and sink into oblivion.”

This reminds me of an article I published not too long ago about how the Daily Sun and other papers were actually writing articles and editorials trying to justify their very existence.

You know an industry has lost it’s relevance and credibility when they have to remind their readers why they should continue reading their “news” and propaganda editorials.

The public is expected to trust that the mainstream media is offering the full story with fair and honest reporting. This is rarely if ever the case with the Daily Sun.


A great example of the Daily Sun slant is the omission of important inconvenient facts in so many of their stories. In a recent article titled Medical Marijuana Legal At Last the AZ Daily Sun explains that medical marijuana is now legal in Flagstaff and they feature a local business serving medical marijuana to the community. What they don’t tell you is WHY or HOW medical marijuana is suddenly legal.

Medical marijuana is now legal in Flagstaff because Arizona voters chose to NULLIFY federal drug laws and pass a state law that flies in the face of the feds. The Daily Sun leaves this critical point out because they spent years railing against elected officials, Tom Woods, states’ rights groups and anyone else who dared use the term “Nullification”.

Here’s a quote from the Daily Sun from a March 23, 2013 editorial titled Federal Nullification Avoids Tackling Underlying Issues:

“We don’t doubt Senator Crandell’s sincerity in believing the federal government has overstepped its bounds by asserting sovereignty over the states on a number of issues. But the states do not have the power to nullify federal law, and it is up to the federal judiciary, not the states, to determine which federal laws are unconstitutional.”

Alright, that’s one opinion but they also say Medical Marijuana (is) Legal At Last. Nevermind all the federal drug laws against marijuana that are STILL on the books. Nevermind the fact the DEA could conceivably come crashing through the doors of this business at any moment in their wonderful “America, land of the free” way to cuff cancer patients and haul them to prison on federal charges.

Medical marijuana is not “legal” in Flagstaff. Arizona has simply decided that we will not obey federal laws that affect medical marijuana. This is nullification of law in it’s purest form. The Tenth Amendment Center puts it this way:

“Nullification is any act or set of acts, which has as its end result, a particular federal law being rendered null and void, or just plain unenforceable in your area.”

The Daily Sun admits that Flagstaff cops are now protecting medical marijuana businesses. I’d say that’s a perfect example of the nullification of federal law.

Sadly, the AZ Daily Sun assumes their readers are too stupid to ask how and why medical marijuana is now magically legal. I guess it’s legal because they say so.

FUSD Tax Override

In 2009 Flagstaff voters rejected a 10% tax override for the Flagstaff Unified School district. The AZ Daily Sun joined a chorus of voices suggesting that the reason the override failed was because of low voter turnout, lack of voter education and voter confusion.

When FUSD went back to the voters the next year with a 15% override and a well funded PAC to push their agenda the override passed. Those of us who complained about it passing were told that the voters had spoken and the naysayers should not question the outcome of the democratic process.

Talk about a double standard. If the vote goes against what the Daily Sun wants the voters are uninformed and a new election needs to take place. If the vote goes the way they want, how dare we question democracy and the will of the people.

Ballot Security

Last October I wrote an article about compromised election security at the County elections office. This article forced the AZ Daily Sun to pick up the story but in their articles they minimized the concerns and gave the County Elections office the benefit of the doubt.

The Daily Sun quoted then County Recorder Candace Owens saying:

“She has stated in her emails that the rules Wilson is accusing her staff of violating come from a statewide manual only designed to “guide” all users through the election process.”

What the Daily Sun never told their readers is that the Arizona Elections Manual, Pg 1 says:

“The Secretary of State’s Election Procedures Manual is required by ARS § 16-452. The procedures contained in this manual were developed after consultation with each County Board of Supervisors or officer in charge of elections and have been approved by the Governor and Attorney General. A violation of any of the provisions of this Election Procedures Manual is a Class 2 misdemeanor.”


Calls from the public for a further investigation by the paper were ignored.

I stopped buying the Daily Sun several years ago and it was one of the best moves I ever made. I encourage my readers to stop pouring money into the media propaganda machine. If you subscribe to a mainstream publication why not cancel your subscription?

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  1. Robert
    June 23, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    NIcely put. You’ve summed up all the reasons I no longer subject myself to mainstream media, unless I need a good laugh. Thanks.

  2. Sam Adams
    June 25, 2013 at 11:15 am

    AZDaily Fishwrap is a joke. At least it gives me comfort to know that it has become largely irrelevant in the internet age. It should be obvious to any freedom-loving person that the Fishwrap is a cheerleader for the corporate owners of this country. Just look at how many LA Times opinion pieces they print. Wilson et al are on a sinking ship. Bon voyage!

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