Flag Liberty Events And Food Freedom Update

By Elisha Dorfsmith


Below is an update sent to the Flagstaff Liberty Alliance email list (if you’d like to be added to our email list please contact us at FlagLibertyAlliance@gmail.com):

Good evening Flagstaff Liberty Alliance members and friends,

I wanted to remind you that Flagstaff Liberty Alliance will have a table in Heritage Square tomorrow for the June 7th First Friday Art Walk. We’ll be setting up at 6:00 pm and will be out there for a couple hours.

As always we’ll be handing out Flag Liberty literature and free liberty books. We’ll also be handing out issue cards to educate the public about threats to civil liberties (Patriot Act), the importance of sound money, urban chicken farming, industrial hemp and why we need a Constitutional foreign policy.

We can always use help handing out literature. Hope to see you there.

Food Freedom

After much work and countless re-writes we officially have a Food Freedom Resolution ready to present to the Flagstaff City Council and County Board of Supervisors. We have met with several City Council members and made changes here and there to create a resolution that everyone is comfortable with.

A resolution does not have the teeth that an ordinance has but it is a big first step in getting our local elected officials to support food freedom in Northern Arizona. The resolution has the potential to act as a catalyst for a future food freedom ordinance as things move forward.

Our resolution has support from people across the political spectrum and we believe it has a good chance of being approved by the City and County.

In a few weeks we’ll be asking for your help in contacting our elected officials and asking them to support the resolution.

Here’s a link to the updated (much smaller) resolution text:


Next Wednesday I will be getting an update from City staff on the progress being made to change the animal keeping part of the City code. We have been working with the City to make it easier for residents to raise chickens, rabbits and other small animals. A lot of the concerns we had originally addressed in our first draft ordinance may actually be worked out with these changes to the City code. I’ll let you all know what I find out on Wednesday.

Don’t forget that our next monthly meeting is Thursday, June 20th at 6:30 pm at the Weatherford. We will be meeting on the second floor. Our meetings are always free and open to the public and kids are welcome.

In light of today’s news that the American people (you and I) are being spied on by our government (thanks to the Patriot Act), I want to encourage you all to keep taking a stand and keep fighting for your Constitutional rights. Some people get discouraged and want to give up when they hear these things. When I see confirmation that my biggest fears have been realized my reaction is to push back harder.

Keep fighting the good fight for liberty!

Elisha Dorfsmith
Communications Director

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance


On a side note, It was great meeting Rosa Koire (Democrats Against Agenda 21) last night. She is an extremely articulate and well researched speaker. Check our her book Behind The Green Mask HERE.

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