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Flagstaff Farmer’s Market Cries Foul Over Median Extension

By Elisha Dorfsmith

In the past I have written about the trouble Flagstaff Farmer’s Market has had with the City of Flagstaff continually harassing them. It seems the City is always looking for ways to make life harder for small business owners.

Today we find that Flagstaff Farmer’s Market has been hit with a whole new predicament that could potentially put them out of business. From the Flagstaff Farmer’s Market Facebook page:

“We apologize to our customers for the problems today trying to get into our parking lot. We were unaware of the construction. You won’t believe what they’re doing. They are extending the median 150 feet north!!!!!!! This means our customers will have little room in which to turn into the market. Which isn’t much!!!! This is another example of the city not caring about small business! This is to accommodate the new Walgreens, another big business!!!!! This city will do anything for big business and the tax dollars. They just keep making it harder and harder for us to survive. All they had to do was extend the median and create a turning lane. This would be safer for drivers turning into the market and would have worked. But that makes too much sense.”

It would have been nice if the City had at least contacted businesses in the area that would be affected by this situation and looked for a solution that could benefit all parties.


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