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Coconino County Republicans Choose Leadership On Saturday

By Elisha Dorfsmith

On Saturday, Coconino County Republican precinct committeemen will hold their statutory organizational meeting. At this meeting they will choose to either move forward by electing leaders with youthful energy and great new ideas or continue on with the same failed policies and leadership that has pushed the Republican party to the edge of extinction.

My sincere hope is that they will choose to move forward and embrace candidates who support liberty and the Constitution and who understand how to grow the party and bring new people in.

Full disclosure, my wife is running for Chair of the Coconino County Republican Committee and I am running as a State Committeeman. Establishment Republicans have been fighting us every step of the way because (as sad as it sounds) they do not want liberty minded people to hold leadership positions in the Republican party.

I always like to have a plan B in place. If the Coconino County Republican Committee decides that more of the same is what they want and new leadership and fresh ideas are rejected, I will put even more time and energy into Flagstaff Liberty Alliance and continue fighting for freedom and liberty for ALL through that avenue.

I will keep my readers posted on how things go on Saturday and what the future holds. Regardless of what happens at the CCRC meeting, exciting things are happening in Northern Arizona and the liberty movement is growing with each passing day. Our goals will be accomplished one way or another.

Keep fighting the good fight!


  1. Bill Tippett
    December 14, 2012 at 9:03 am

    I will register Republican if Cindy is elected Chair. The current local party leadership should realize the party’s survival relies on welcoming the politically disaffected rather than fearing change; otherwise, they will continue to be viewed as part of the problem rather than the solution. The old guard should realize their legacy is better served by welcoming rather than demonizing. Justin Amash’s interview with Geraldo the other day best sums up the direction the new Republican Party needs to follow. Good luck to you both.

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