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Crossroads with Van Interviews Cindy Dorfsmith

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Earlier tonight my wife Cindy Dorfsmith had an interesting interview with Clair Van Steenwyk on his Phoenix radio show. She’s currently running for Chair of the Coconino County Republican Committee and Van asked her on his show to discuss concerns she has about potential problems at our December 15th meeting where officers and State Committeemen are elected

(See photos at the bottom of this post for the concerns Cindy had).

Listen to the full interview HERE.

I just finished listening to the recording. What really frustrated me was the fact that Peter Wainwright, an elected PC in Coconino County called in before Cindy and started attacking her before she even went on the air. Here are a couple of his quotes from the show:

“What this Dorfsmith Group is doing is they’re all Paulistas trying to take over the Republican party here and they’re very sore losers.”  –Peter Wainwright Coconino County GOP PC

“Constitutional issues I think we can all agree on but anything the Ron Paul people don’t like they call unconstitutional.”  –Peter Wainwright Coconino County GOP PC

Making things even more interesting, Troy Campbell (also a PC and current Secretary of the CCRC) called into the show and attacked me by name.  He claimed he saw me handing out Gary Johnson literature at NAU.  I have already had current CCRC Chair Diana Arendt and 2nd Vice Chair Joy Staveley suggest that I may be stripped of my vote as an elected Precinct Committeeman for this accusation. I have been told that I may also be stripped of my chance to run as a State Committeeman because of this. Every indication is that the establishment GOP plans to take this accusation and run with it at the December meeting. Apparently, I am enemy No. 1 with a giant target on my back.

Interestingly, I have told Troy and others countless times that I was at the Gary Johnson event at NAU working on an article for my online newspaper Flagstaff Independent Press. I told them that I would have covered Romney and Obama events too but the official Romney and Obama campaigns did not campaign in Flagstaff. This is the article I was working on while I was at NAU:


I just got off the phone with Troy Campbell and confronted him about his comments on the radio. I asked him what proof he had to go on the air and make these accusations. He admitted he had no proof whatsoever. He said that he knows what he thinks he saw but he never actually saw me hand out literature or campaign for Gary Johnson.

Listen to tonight’s radio recording and you’ll hear Troy say in no uncertain terms that he saw me handing out Gary Johnson literature. Well, I guess it comes down to my word against his. Again, on the phone with me he admitted he had zero proof of his accusations against me.

Are unprovable accusations really grounds to strip me of my vote and opportunity to run for a State Committeeman position? Not according to the CCRC bylaws and Robert’s Rules. But my experience with internal GOP politics is that they don’t follow rules. Strangely, those of us who do try to follow bylaws and State Statutes have been called “anarchists” for demanding that rules be followed. The current GOP leadership is about as backwards as you can get.

As many of you know, there is a LOT of corruption in the GOP from the County all the way up to the national level. This must be changed. I have said it before, if the Republican party does not wake up and get their house in order they will be a dead party…forever. The GOP is at a major crossroads right now.

Now, for those who say “don’t air your dirty GOP laundry for the public to see” I say don’t call into radio stations and attack me by name. You’ve brought all of this on yourselves.

Cindy agreed to be interviewed on the show to discuss bylaws and State Statutes. She was never there to attack people and she never did. All of the attacking and hate came from the establishment GOP who is doing everything in their power to push liberty minded people out of the party.

(Click to enlarge). The above picture shows CCRC Chair Diana Arendt saying she has the authority to strip anybody who she thinks didn’t campaign for all of the Republican Candidates of their vote and right to run for office. According to her, no proof or hearing is necessary. She says State Chairman Tom Morrissey gave her the full authority to address supposed violations. (Notice that she copied Morrissey in the email she sent out).

(Click to enlarge). This is the kind of dirty tricks that concern us. These letters were sent out to several newly elected PCs. It asks PCs to sign a proxy form in front of two witnesses and return it with the rest of the information left blank. CCRC Chair Diana Arendt says she will fill in the rest of the information. This may not even be legal. Proxy forms and a Self addressed stamped envelope were included. Apparently, the only way they think they can get their establishment slate elected is to cheat.

(Click to enlarge). CCRC Bylaws Article V Section 4 Subsection B states that a regularly scheduled meeting can be canceled by a majority vote of the County Committee only. But as you can see in the above email, CCRC Chair Diana Arendt went ahead and canceled meetings on her own. This is completely illegal.

(Click to enlarge). While the establishment has their sites set on stripping liberty PCs of their votes for supposed violations, establishment PC and former Flagstaff Mayor Joe Donaldson decided to endorse the Democratic candidate for State Senate in LD6. To my knowledge, CCRC leadership never threatened to strip him of his vote.

Rosa Dierks, Current PC and wife of former CCRC Chair Clark Dierks showed up in a picture with Democratic Senate Candidate Richard Carmona in the Arizona Daily Sun. The caption read, “Dr. Richard Carmona, left, greets supporters….” Rosa says she attended the meeting to support a friend who supported Carmona. She was furious that I even questioned why she was in the picture. Again, if they are trying to strip me of my vote because I covered a Gary Johnson event than the above should be a violation as well. The fact that our Chair claims she can pick and choose who to strip of their vote means that she will probably be picking on liberty PCs and not the establishment PCs who clearly violated rules and left the proof for me to post.

Perhaps with enough pressure, Diana will decide to do the right thing and allow all elected Precinct Committeemen in Coconino County to cast their vote and run for office at the December 15th meeting. We’ll see.


  1. November 28, 2012 at 7:47 am

    And while Peter Wainwright calls us sore losers, the establishment acts like big babies and blames US for the loss in CD1. Who’s the sore loser?


  2. Danne
    November 28, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    Though I’m not a big Ron Paul supporter, in my eyes the Republican Party is already dead! I’ll never vote for another Rep candidate the rest of my life……it’s 3rd party or sit it out. The Republican clowns bought all this upon themselves. Bad garbage, throw it out!

  3. Slim Strontem
    November 28, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    “This may not even be legal.”
    I may not be an attorney, or have stayed at a Holiday Express lately–But I can assure you that it IS il-freaking-legal. The English language is not subjected to attorneys or judges, whatever they themselves believe.

  4. Sam Adams
    December 1, 2012 at 12:47 am

    You want to know why Obama got re-elected? It’s because millions of disaffected Ron Paul supporters were thoroughly disgusted with the GOP and their criminal tactics used to undermine the Ron Paul movement. This year I decided to stay home and NOT VOTE — as in “none of the above”. Yeah, that was me. One of millions.

    The GOP is irrelevant and, until a viable alternative party/candidate is allowed to participate in this country’s political process, I will not sanction this kabuki theater with my vote.

  1. November 28, 2012 at 12:54 pm

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