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Myth: Ron Paul Supporters Cost Paton The Election

By Elisha Dorfsmith

When all else fails, blame Ron Paul supporters. We all knew that if things went poorly for the GOP on November 6th we’d be the proverbial scapegoat. The GOP can never do anything wrong, it’s always those evil Ron Paul people who cost the GOP the election!

Blame Ron Paul In Arizona CD-1!

Yesterday I told some of you that I expected the old tiresome blame game to be played here in Arizona’s CD-1. Looking through the results I noticed that if every vote cast for Libertarian Kim Allen had gone to Republican Jonathan Paton he would have won. Who possibly could have voted for the Libertarian? Oh, I know, it was those “evil selfish Ron Paul spoilers.” So predictable.

Today, posts like this are floating around Facebook and various Conservative blogs:

“Our friend Jonathan Paton – a great Republican – lost his race to represent the voters of Arizona’s 1st Congressional district because of a loser named Kim Allen. In other words, the Ron Paul people in Arizona intentionally sabotaged this race to get a liberal Democrat elected. Shame on you!”

Shame on me? No, more like shame on you and your ignorance you establishment crybabies.

Minimal analysis of the election results proves that Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters were not the driving force behind Kim Allen’s surprisingly strong showing. I think logic would say that if you’re an “evil” Libertarian or Ron Paul supporter who wants to hurt the GOP you’re probably going to vote for the Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, right? Well, here’s how the numbers played out in Coconino County (as of the writing of this post). Keep in mind that other counties in CD-1 had the same trend.

Gary Johnson: A cool (and extremely evil) 666 votes!

Kim Allen: 2,490 votes.

What???? How can this be? I’m not a math genius but 2,490 is a lot more than 666.

Here’s part of the reason (I’m sure many other factors come into play but this is a big part of it). A lot of Kim Allen votes were protest votes by Wenona Benally Baldenegro supporters and others who were frustrated with Ann Kirkpatrick but could not get themselves to vote for a Republican.

As you may remember, Wenona was Kirkpatrick’s progressive challenger in the primary and had the support of Native American voters. Recently, the Navajo Council voted to endorse Paton over Kirkpatrick (showing just how unpopular Kirkpatrick is in that area).

With Progressives across CD-1 turning out to support Obama, many felt they had to check some box in the CD1 section of their ballot. Rather than support a Republican or a Democrat candidate who supports allowing guns into National Parks (including the Grand Canyon), they chose neither and bam you have progressive protest votes for Kim Allen.

This is not just pure speculation on my part. I talked to literally dozens of Democrats throughout the campaign cycle who told me they would NOT vote for Kirkpatrick. If you don’t believe me, look at letters sent to the Daily Sun by progressives attacking Kirkpatrick. She is not popular with many in her party.

For progressives who did research, Kim Allen took some very progressive positions on a lot of issues. He was considered by many to be more progressive than Paton or Kirkpatrick.

For progressives who did not do any research, with no other third party candidate on the ballot, Allen was the obvious protest choice.

As a strong Ron Paul supporter I am disgusted with the establishment GOP using any and every opportunity to blame us when things go poorly for them. I spent hours trying to get Paton elected. I canvassed precincts, handed out literature, waved signs and made calls. So did many other Ron Paul supporters and even registered Libertarians. On many issues, Paton was more libertarian than Kim Allen and that made Paton an easy sell to liberty minded people.

UPDATE: Robert Mayer who worked with the Paton campaign posted a response on facebook that says in part:

“Kirkpatrick’s campaign was so negative that many voters registered a protest vote, which went to Kim Allen by default. It’s nothing to do with philosophy. You can tell this is the case when looking at the vote discrepancy between us and Romney… it’s all protest vote.”

Paton supporters in Coconino County.


  1. November 8, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    You’ve got to laugh at the ignorance of people always trying to find some kind of scape goat. Maybe the reason he didn’t win was because the presidential race was making so many people depressed along with the smear campaigns so they just didn’t vote. Voter turn out was about 60,000 short as of right now than in 2008, why is that? Every Ron Paul supporter I know voted for him, how bizarre.

  2. November 8, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    I’ve been doing the math in other counties in CD-1 and clearly other factors come into play but one thing is extremely obvious, Gary Johnson only received a tiny fraction of the votes Kim Allen got. I wonder if the Paton campaign has any professional analysis? I would love to see it.

  3. hgh
    April 9, 2013 at 8:49 pm


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