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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Visits ASU

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke about his campaign issues and record as Governor of New Mexico to a very enthusiastic crowd of students and supporters at ASU today.

The crowd, many wearing Ron Paul shirts and other gear, cheered and applauded as Johnson promised that if elected he would end the wars and bring the troops home, end the drug war, and fight for marriage equality. All very popular topics on a college campus.

“I’m the only candidate who does NOT want to bomb Iran!” he explained to thunderous applause. “And I believe we should get out of Afghanistan tomorrow.”

Some of his words were especially critical of President Obama and former President Bush. “I would have vetoed the Patriot Act and would never have signed the NDAA.” He said. “Obama is a great speaker but his actions do not match his words.” He added, as he named off the President’s broken promises.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney also received his share of criticism as Johnson reminded the crowd of Romney’s support for bailouts, debt ceiling hikes and increased military spending. “The math does not add up. We have to cut spending.” He said.

Not surprisingly, the biggest applause line came when Johnson said he would fight to abolish the Federal Reserve. “End the Fed, End the Fed!” The Crowd chanted in traditional Ron Paul rally fashion.

As he concluded, Johnson summed up his political philosophy with the following: “Let’s believe that less government is better.”

“Live Free!” the crowed yelled.

“Live Free” is the slogan of the Gary Johnson Campaign.

Gary Johnson addresses the enthusiastic crowd.

Gary Johnson discusses the issues he is concerned about with the media.

I had the opportunity to listen in as Gary Johnson answered questions from reporters before the event.

Shane F. Krauser Director, American Academy for Constitutional Education speaks about the philosophy of liberty.

Barry Goldwater Jr. speaks before Gary Johnson takes the stage at ASU.

Carlos Alfaro of Students For Liberty at ASU addresses the crowd. He has a new article in The State Press today:

Ending Drug War Must Be President’s Priority

This is the closest I got to my picture with Gary Johnson. Got to shake his hand and thank him for a great speech but his tight schedule kept him from hanging around to pose for pictures. I did get an autographed book though (thanks Astrid!!!).


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