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By Elisha Dorfsmith

One of the things I have consistently pushed for in my blog is for the liberty movement in Flagstaff to start actively covering and accurately reporting news.  All too often, the truth is buried or ignored by the mainstream media and it’s up to us to get the real story out.

That’s why my wife and I recently decided to take things a step further than this blog and start a website called Flagstaff Independent Press.  Our goal is to keep Northern Arizona in the loop on important, under-reported, and unreported stories.

We’re currently working with the limited number of bloggers and independent journalists we have available at this time but eventually we’d like to see people covering all City Council, School Board, County and other meetings. We’d also like to link to independently written opinion pieces, entertainment, sports and anything else that will draw people in.

Many Arizona mainstream media news sites are planning to move to a pay to view online model next year and we hope to pick up the slack by keeping our news available and free for all to read.

Flagstaff Independent Press has been in the experimental stage for a little over a month and traffic and feedback is increasing. Now we need your help spreading the word, submitting news tips, and sending us any articles or blogs you may have written that you would like us to link to.

Remember: You are the media!

Please visit and bookmark Flagstaff Independent Press at: www.flagindiepress.com

Also, a new blog connected to Flagstaff Independent Press called Flagstaff Voices is up and running.

You can email news tips to: elisha@flagindiepress.com

As always, your ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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