AZ GOP Slights Delegates Again

By Elisha Dorfsmith

When the Arizona Republican Party held their State Convention in May, elected delegates around the state voted on a variety of state office positions including the position of National Committeewoman. Three candidates ran for National Committeewoman and Karen Johnson, a Ron Paul supporter, came in first with 329 votes. Her nearest rival received 274 votes. Since no candidate received more than 50% of the vote it was said that a runoff election should be held.

Before a second vote could be taken, Arizona GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey determined that the meeting no longer had a quorum and promised to hold the runoff election through a mail in ballot process. Delegates anxiously awaited further word of the mail in runoff election and never heard anything more about it.

This week, Flagstaff Independent Press acquired the following letter from Morrissey showing that the Arizona GOP plans to completely leave delegates out of the National Committeewoman selection process. This move could infuriate elected delegates statewide who sacrificed time and money to attend the State Convention so they could be involved in the selection process.

The letter reads:

“August 3, 2012

To County Chairmen/Chairwomen:

As you know we will be electing a National Committeewoman at the next Executive Committee meeting in September, with a date certain to be announced in the near future.
I ask each of you to submit the name of one state committeeman from your county to serve on a nominating committee which will be chaired by National Committeeman Bruce Ash.
Please submit the names to me by email by close of business on August 10th.

Thank you,
Tom Morrissey”

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