Food Freedom For Coconino County?

By Elisha Dorfsmith

A large cross section of concerned Coconino County residents plan to attend tonight’s Coconino County Board of Supervisors meeting to call for more local food sources and local food freedom. The motivation for people to attend the meeting stems from Coconino Game Processing attempting to become USDA certified and running into roadblocks.

Supporters of local food freedom have been posting information on facebook this week including a paragraph suggesting that this is just the first battle in a long fight for more local food sources:

“Dennis (of Coconino Game Processing) has allowed himself to become the hinge pin in the gate to legal local meat processing for our community. He needs 1 hr of your time to come to the Supervisors meeting tomorrow night.”

The meeting starts at 5:30 pm today (July 31st) and will be held in the supervisor chambers in Flagstaff at 219 E. Cherry.

Many in Flagstaff have been calling for more food freedom for years. One group that I work with, Flagstaff Liberty Alliance, recently expressed support for some kind of local food freedom ordinance. Possibly modeled after food freedom ordinances passed by small towns in Maine.

The simple concept of “food sovereignty” is gaining lots of momentum around the country as people across the political spectrum look for ways to gain more control over what they eat, grow and sell. If we don’t have control over our food can we really claim to live in a free society?

Now is the time to break free from those who wish to use government force to control our food supply and what we choose to put into our bodies. Please watch the video below to see just how bad things have become:

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