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Arizona Considers Forced Mental Health Treatment For Clutter

By Elisha Dorfsmith

As if we really need more proof that the massive and ever growing nanny state is out of control, today’s edition of the Arizona Daily Sun contains an article about people with clutter in their home and the need to force these junk collectors to get mental health treatment.

Linda Buscemi, chairwoman of the Arizona Hording Task Force (yes, they actually have a task force for this), doesn’t even try to sugarcoat her goals. The article puts it this way:

“Buscemi wants the state Legislature to pass laws forcing hoarders to get mental health treatment, much like authorities force convicted drunk drivers to get alcohol-abuse counseling.”

The article never goes into detail on how the task force plans to find the “pack rats” who crossed the sanity line and slipped into serious mental illness. I suppose if there is a knock on the door you should just let the junk police come inside your home without a warrant so they can go through your stuff and make sure you don’t have one too many somethings.

Which leads to the question, how do you know if you’re a hoarder? How much is too much?

The task force defines hoarding as:

“The acquisition of, and failure to discard, a large number of possessions that appear to be useless or of limited value.”

Like it’s close cousin the property maintenance ordinance (currently being passed by cities across the country), the definition of hoarding is vague and open to interpretation and it just may or may not apply to you. You’ll never know until the junk gestapo knock on the door and check things out.

Do you own more stuff than you need?  Are there things in your house that are not put away? Do you have a few too many somethings?

Time for an intervention from our beloved nanny overlords. Safety and forced mental health treatment for all.


  1. Bill Tippett
    June 10, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Incredibly tough issue to resolve. I come across hoarders all the time in my work and have the greatest concern for the elderly and children who live in these conditions. We’ve offered help to some of the elderly but of course they are suspicious of our intentions. It’s just downright heartbreaking to see children living in these conditions but I wouldn’t want to see them taken away and put in foster care either. Short of immediate family intervention I’m not sure what can be done. The punitive measures in other towns, mentioned in the ADS article, are unacceptable. Certainly government intervention can be a slippery slope but there doesn’t seem to be other solutions being organized out there. How do you feel about local governments using charities as their proxy in this matter–as in identifying those problem homes and providing the funding for them to reach out and provide counseling and cleanup?

    • June 10, 2012 at 5:06 pm

      Unless there is a clear health and safety concern nothing should be done at all. If people want to privately offer help to these people more power to them.

  2. Bill Tippett
    June 10, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    To be clear, provide voluntary counseling. I agree with you 100% that no one should be forced into counseling by statute…”like authorities force convicted drunk drivers to get alcohol-abuse counseling.”

  3. Slim
    June 10, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    No constitutional basis.

    Arizona –> Goldwater –> Libertarian –> Reagan –> Asylum Inmates Release

    UN –> Arizona –> Everyone is a Subject

    Bill, government is the proxy of the private, the last resort, the necessary danger. It is not a good dog, being partly human. By failing to remind it who is the master and who is the servant, we do it no favors and endanger ourselves. The required Oath of Office was to help guard against the danger–A ring in it’s nose–But the beast now gives suck to many who guard its ring–And for so long now, that the “normal” approach is to ask, “How may we BETTER give the beast what it wants”.

    If we keep this up, either the beast will rule, or it may need to be putdown. It doesn’t love me or you. It likes the sparkly and pointy things we have, so it collects them, and spends the sparklies on pointy things of its own–Then it seeks to display all of its pointy things. It is not sane. It has no heart. It creates nothing. It can only be what it was created to be: A concentrated force of power.

    Thank God that we have five legally binding and flimsy sheets of paper that explains, to Everyone in the World, That the Beast is Not the Boss. It’s past time to remember its role. Let us live the life of our choosing. Don’t guard the ring. Put a chain in it!

    (My newly created weird mantra. It will be popular in 5 or 10 years. “Put a Chain in It!”)

    I would rather retrain it now. Aside from the ongoing ills of it’s ravages and plunders and contraptions, the sanity of the beast is now questionable

    So let us retrain it. As any honest or successful person who has taken their pet to obedience school knows, the school is not for their beast, it is for the owner of the beast. We must all be good husbands to save the beast, and to save our home-life.

    So, Bill, Everyone, Anyone…
    Can we go with the best training instructions known in the history of mankind? (You know what they are.) Let’s retrain the beast, but we HAVE to stick with the program. The basics are simple:
    Without Exception: Do Not Allow the Beast to:
    Ravage, hold it to the Bill of Rights;
    Plunder, by debts, taxes, devaluations and other manipulations, or seizures;
    Contrive beyond its explicit and sworn agreement of limitations.

    ——-on a completely aside rant——
    (Hey, I bet “Homeland” was meant to seem a little American-suburbian, rather than the shocking blatant [Blank]-land sound that it actually has, due to all the suburbia magazines titled, Home-[blank]. What a bunch of retards. Gloating about our trust of the shiny-paged propaganda/marketing, they forget that 100 is the AVERAGE IQ. Dopes. Not that scores mean squat–“They” are also aware of the “Mercury Rising” factors… That is why they like us fighting with each other in factions–So we won’t stop and listen to each other. [To deny that there is a “they” who carefully crafted a word for the new crotch-grabbing, warrantless police state, is to deny that any top federal officials and counselors are aware of modern totalitarian history–So, who’s the crazy little fuzzball–And if it is just because I am too smart and they are too stupid, we are in a SERIOUS effing world of hurt, so you had Best hope that is not true.]:)

  4. Bill Tippett
    June 12, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    I agree with you Slim that the beast on the loose…I don’t like being a subject anymore than you. But as Elisha says, “Unless there is a clear health and safety concern…” I’ve seen children navigating their way around trash to answer the door, and I bet he has too.

  5. Bill Tippett
    June 12, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    I guess I’m just not cool with the collateral damage on this one.

  6. Balthazaar
    June 27, 2012 at 11:04 am

    I know I’m late to this article, but I just want to say that people who have carpet should probably be detained as well. You can get carpet bugs in those things.

  7. August 8, 2012 at 6:28 am

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