Three Recommendations

By Elisha Dorfsmith

One of the purposes of this blog is to share the philosophy of liberty by showcasing books, music, and movies that promote freedom and inspire action. Past reviews can be found HERE.

Several excellent titles have been released over the past few weeks that are worth highlighting. Three are listed below:

The Real Crash: How To Save Yourself And Your Country by Peter D. Schiff

“But the government was a chief architect of the mess that we’re in, and every day, government is making it worse.”

“Here’s the problem with U.S. foreign aid: it is governments giving money to governments. When individuals give foreign aid, it’s people giving money to people.”

“You cannot speak intelligently about the root causes of the 2008 crash–or about our current instability–without speaking about the Federal Reserve System of the United States (the Fed).”

“The only way to create a stable financial system is to force banks, investors, and creditors to bear their own risk. The only way to make them bear their own risk is to end bailouts once and for all.”

Order The Real Crash at Amazon HERE.

Ron Paul’s Revolution: The Man And The Movement He Inspired by Brian Doherty

“Students, housewives, street anarchists, soldiers, small-business people, even government employees have all found themselves dedicating their lives, fortune, and sacred honor to pushing the message of Ron Paul.”

“The Republican Party showed its disdain for Paul and his fans nearly every chance it got. Saul Anuzis, the chair of the Michigan Republican Party, openly called for Paul to be kept out of the GOP presidential debates.”

In the end, Paul went into the 2008 Republican convention in Minneapolis with somewhere between twenty and thirty-five pledged delegates, third to McCain and Huckabee. Paul refused to endorse McCain and so was not invited to appear. Paul tells me they told him he could show up if he wanted and some nice gentleman from the Republican National Committee would give him his credentials, walk him around the floor, and walk him out.”

“How will you change your message, Ron Paul, in order to revive your poll numbers? he was asked. “I don’t change my message,” Paul said.”

Order Ron Paul’s Revolution at Amazon HERE.

Pennywise: All Or Nothing

“Now our freedom will not be trampled down.”

“We won’t walk away, we’ll never give up we”ll never give in.”

“We want a Revolution.”

“We don’t want your laws. So take ’em back right now.
They’re bullshit anyhow.”

Order All Or Nothing at Amazon HERE.

  1. June 2, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    The Real Crash is the real deal. It’s amazing that more people haven’t woken up to Peter Schiff’s message yet.

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