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Red And Blue And Broke All Over

By Elisha Dorfsmith

I always find it refreshing when I come across a new book that clearly and adequately explains the positions and principles that those of us in the liberty movement work so hard to promote and defend. With publishers releasing one shallow political title after another, it is a rare experience when I actually find a book that deserves an endorsement on my blog.

Red And Blue And Broke All Over by Arizona’s own Charles Goyette is the most recent must read addition to my collection. While many of the topics are very familiar to the seasoned liberty activist, Goyette approaches them at different angles and sprinkles in lots of fresh insight and a writing style that keeps the pages turning.

The end result is an intelligent, easy to understand primer on personal and economic freedom and the basics of what the philosophy of liberty is all about. Goyette puts particular emphasis on private property rights, fascism and crony capitalism, the blessings of liberty, and (one of my favorite topics) the broken window fallacy.

Those who appreciate the writings of Thomas E. Woods Jr., Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Peter Schiff and Ron Paul will definitely want to add this important work to their library.

Order Red And Blue And Broke All Over at Amazon HERE.


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