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Flagstaff City Council Takes On The Supreme Court

By Elisha Dorfsmith

In March, 2011 I wrote an article explaining that the Flagstaff City Council would soon be using their time and energy to push for a Constitutional Amendment that would nullify the controversial Supreme Court decision on Citizens United. At that time it was expected that the council would take the issue up within a few months. For some reason, action was delayed for over a year.

Tonight the Council finally addressed the issue and agreed to move ahead with a resolution created by progressive groups saying that money is not speech and calling for the Citizens United ruling to be overturned. More information on the resolution can be found here:

Activist group to ask Council to oppose Citizens United ruling

The progressive argument seems to have been made to the Council at an inopportune time for local Democrats.  Democrats often claim that Republican candidates are the bad guys who raise the most special interest money from outsiders. Today’s edition of the Arizona Daily Sun contains an eye opening article on Congressional candidate fundraising in CD-1. It tells a different story.

Progressive darling Wenona Benally Baldenegro received most of her funding from outside the district with the majority of the funds coming from Phoenix and Tucson.

Former Democratic Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, who is attempting to regain her seat, received funding from a variety of outside sources and special interests including pro abortion groups, mail carriers, and various organizations sympathetic to the Democratic Party. To date, she has raised close to $1 Million.

As for the GOP candidates, Jonathan Paton received the most funding (about $200,000).

Most other Candidates, including Doug Wade (the candidate I hear talked about the most in Flagstaff), reported raising no money.

Photo: Progressive Democrats of Northern Arizona protest Citizens United in Flagstaff.

Allegiance To Who?

Speaking of Doug Wade, I received his campaign literature in the mail today and found the National Security section at the bottom very troubling. It says:

“National Security: This veteran is committed to Ronald Reagan’s concept of Peace Through Strength. Our retired military and their families have earned, and deserve, our unconditional support. In peace and in conflict, I stand firmly with Israel.”

Stand firmly with Israel?  When Doug joined the military he took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America but rather than mention the Constitution or the security of our own country in his literature, he pledges his allegiance to Israel. How could any serious candidate pledge blind allegiance to any foreign country and expect to be trusted and respected? Imagine a candidate who said “I stand firmly with China” or “I stand firmly with Canada” (Wade’s supporters would probably be outraged).

Bottom line, how can we be sure that China or Canada or Israel will always make the right choices and deserve our support? Some might call pledging allegiance to a foreign nation treasonous or anti-American. It’s certainly not something I want my Congressperson doing.

Doug Wade won’t be getting my vote.

4-20-2012 UPDATE: Well kids, the blaring hypocrisy rears it’s ugly head once again in the Flagstaff City Council. Today’s edition of the Daily Sun has an article showing how much money candidates received and where it came from.  Al White (who supports the Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United) was the only candidate to receive money from a PAC. Coral Evans (who also supports the Constitutional amendment) received money from several businesses. This is what the Daily Sun had to say about it:

“Evans reported she took in several small donations from local businesses during the last campaign donation cycle, some of the first since the Citizens United decision allowed private corporations and unions to make donations.

Evans, who supports a resolution seeking a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court decision, said she is just following the state guidelines for contributions which require her to report the name on the checks she receives.”

5-1-2012 UPDATE: Resolution passed 4-1 with Overton voting no. Presler and Woodson were absent. Read the resolution HERE.


  1. Slim
    April 18, 2012 at 7:44 am

    I propose that the council forthwith adopt a resolution stating that:
    I. Officeholders are Not Government.
    II. Offices are Not Government.
    III. Government Is the Body and Execution of Just Laws Consensually Upheld by the Citizenry wherein it derives all of it’s Forms and Powers by such means as never Deprives any of it’s Citizens their Natural and Inalienable Rights.
    IV. The tiered hierarchy of that same Just Body of Laws shall be Recognized as Follows:
    1) The Declaration of Independence.
    2) The Constitution of the United States of America.
    3) Federal Acts Specifically Authorized, Passed, Upheld, and Enforced in accordance with the aforementioned Declaration and Constitution .
    4) The Constitution of the State of Arizona.
    5) Lawful Acts of the State of Arizona.
    6) Lawful Acts of Coconino County.
    7) Lawful Acts of the City of Flagstaff.
    Hell, run that through on an initiative. It will force them to drop “international” crap from their ordinances, at the very least. 🙂

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