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Flagstaff General Election Comes Into Focus

By Elisha Dorfsmith

The City of Flagstaff held their much anticipated mayoral primary yesterday. After the dust cleared, two finalists emerged to compete in the May 15th general election. Retired attorney Jerry Nabours received around 39% of the vote and long time Councilman Al White received close to 35% of the vote.

In a statement to supporters, Nabours thanked everyone and wrote some kind words about his opponents:

“Thank you everyone, thank you. What a terrific boost of encouragement you gave me tonight. Obviously our message of fiscal responsibility is what people want. Now the battle is with Al White and I welcome some debates. Al White and Paul Kulpinski both called me with congratulations. They are good people. Al and I just disagree on many things. The general election ballots will be sent out on Apr 19. Once again this is a mail-only election. Thanks again. carry on. Jerry”


White’s message briefly thanked supporters and then went straight to attacking Nabours:

“Thanks to everyone who posted congratulations last night and this morning, and of course a huge thanks to everyone who supported me during the campaign and voted for me in the primary. Now that it’s down to just two candidates for mayor the choice is crystal clear. Do we want the City of Flagstaff to continue to progress by being collaborative and inclusive, or do we want to regress to an era of litigiousness and divisiveness? I’ll be posting regularly in the next few days with details on how you can help keep us moving forward. Remember, Flagstaff is OUR city, and TOGETHER we make it work.”


Keeping things interesting, Al White’s daughter felt the need to find my facebook page today and defend her father’s record:

“Al is anything but big government. His preferences are dictated by the masses.

Hmmmm, his voting record doesn’t back that up but we’ll let the voters of Flagstaff decide.

It’s pretty obvious to me that the Al White campaign is getting a bit nervous about the general election.

As I have said before, the groups that I work with do not endorse candidates but I do.  Mayoral candidate Jerry Nabours and Council candidate Jeff Oravits have my full support in the May 15th general election.

I encourage you to research all the candidates and to especially pay close attention to the incumbents’ voting records before you cast your vote.  We have a chance to bring some very positive change to Flagstaff and every vote is going to be critical.




  1. March 14, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    “…His preferences are dictated by the masses…” is still a statement that if true is not so great in my book either.
    My personal and political preferences are dictated by the Constitution and Human Rights.
    The masses have murdered some pretty awesome teachers and leaders throughout history.

    I believe I’ll stick with my full support of Jerry Nabours for Mayor, because I am ready for Flagstaff to move forward.
    Who better, than an Attorney that has battled for the peoples rights against the city for many years and is ready to go to battle for us/the citizens, as Mayor. That will be a nice!

    We all have a chance to turn those many closed door, Executive Council Meetings into glass walls with much more public participation.
    If they really have nothing to hide about matters of public involvement…why go into Executive Council so much?

    I do understand there are sensitive issues better discussed quietly among the council members at times. The amount of times the public has been left out of Highly Controversial Topics” has really gotten a lot of the public very suspicious of those closed door meetings.
    Especially when they come out and sounding very scripted and poorly delivered at that.

    I am not a professional ‘body language’ reader, yet I have studied it a lot. The looks between the council members after an executive council…I would love an expert to see. The hairs on the back of my neck have stood up many times as they look back and forth to each other very quickly, with little quick nods, that subconsciously can be very hard to stop.

    I’ve exchange those same looks with my children…
    “Did I do okay, Mama?” quick glance
    “It was good, sweety.” small nod
    “Whew, I thought I blew it there for a moment!” short relaxation of the shoulders and small exhalation.
    “I feel ya kiddo!” very brief glance.

    That’s just my personal take on the situation at times and it is only mine, but you can watch the videos of the meetings and watch the behavior for yourselves.

    Then be sure and read up on Jerry Nabours too.
    You may just find you like the option of an Attorney that will stand up for your rights, instead of playing closed door political games.
    He’s got 2 votes confirmed in this home!

  2. March 14, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Agreed! Great points as always Donna.

  3. Bob
    March 16, 2012 at 9:30 am

    I am unimpressed with both candidates.

    In my opinion, the job of the Mayor is one of leadership, and little more. The Mayor does not set policy, does not seriously change the goals or mission of the City, and does not take the City into any kind of new territory. The Mayor is one vote out of seven. The Presler / Haughey election taught us all that very clearly. The Mayor is merely a PR piece, whose job is to put the City’s best foot forward where necessary and otherwise stay out of the way.

    That being the case, how can you be excited about either candidate? Nabours is suing the City over shoveling sidewalks! Really? Talk about a waste of taxpayer money. And to protect what? Don’t give me any of that “freedom” crap. We should all shovel our sidewalks, period. I don’t want an adversarial Mayor.

    White represents more of the same government we already have. He will continue to create tax breaks and incentives for businesses on a case by case basis, which makes for government choosing winners and losers in business. Major economic development initiatives are mostly wasteful spending, and White will push for more of it.

    Flagstaff doesn’t have a great choice.

    The voters will likely elect White. It’ll be a replay of the Presler / Haughey election, as most, if not all, of Kulpinski’s voters will go to White. As for those who didn’t vote in the primary and will show up for the general… there’s no vague ground with White for the liberals and democrats like there was with Presler, whose leadership can be best described as “embarrassing.” It was fun to watch them all clench their teeth two years ago. My prediction: they have no conflicts this time, and White will win. Flagstaff, for better or worse, is a majority liberal town.

    I’m not sure we all lose in that scenario (after all, what does the Mayor really do?), but it doesn’t feel like a win.

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