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Ron Paul Wins Arizona GOP Straw Poll

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul won yesterday’s AZ GOP Convention straw poll by a massive margin. I did not attend but people who were there told me that the organizers did everything they could to avoid releasing the straw poll results. When they finally did release the results, 90% of the attendees had left.

I suppose you can’t fault the establishment for being nervous and afraid to release the numbers. Here’s the final tally:

Ron Paul: 256

Newt Gingrich: 20

Mitt Romney: 17

Rick Santorum: 8

Great work to everyone who attended! The revolution continues.


Flagstaff’s Proposed PMO Is About Control Not Safety

January 23, 2012 3 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

In 2009, the Arizona Daily Sun published a piece complaining that city code enforcement could only respond to health and safety concerns and more needed to be done to address run down property.  Lax maintenance standards were keeping Flagstaff from reaching it’s full potential and eyesores had to go! The majority of the article read like an advertisement for a Property Maintenance Ordinance talking about how it would solve a multitude of problems and quoting community members who wanted to impose $150 a day fines on homeowners who did not comply.

Fast forward to 2012. Flagstaff council members including Councilwoman Coral Evans are trying to drum up support for a PMO by claiming that a PMO is needed to address major health and safety concerns like trees falling on neighbor’s roofs or frequently used outhouses that have not been cleaned in years. This is simply not true. I pointed out in another article that all of these health and safety concerns are already covered by existing law. If code enforcement is not responding to these gross violations then the City of Flagstaff is not doing their job.

What we really have here is a push by some community and council members for a city wide HOA where you can be fined $150 a day for a ripped screen on your window or chipped paint on your fence.  Unfortunately, it’s being deceitfully sold to the citizens of Flagstaff as an urgent health and safety matter. Don’t fall for the scare tactics.

UPDATE: Councilwoman Evans disputed the information in my blog on her facebook page by saying the following:

“Residents from several neighborhoods in town have been asking for a PMO for close to 20 years. I think that it might be worth your time to speak with members of A League of Neighborhoods (ALN) regarding this issue. They have created a strategic plan which includes in-depth information regarding what they envision a PMO to be. It is NOTHING like the posts that I have read regarding individuals being fined for chipped paint on fences and broken window screens.”

The only information I could find on the ALN proposal is a Flagstaff city council work session agenda from 2009 talking about what a PMO should cover. You can read it HERE. You be the judge.

What Is The Real Agenda Behind A PMO?

January 19, 2012 6 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Flagstaff Councilwoman Coral Evans recently lashed out at PMO critics on facebook with the following:

“This is not about a group of people “not liking the looks of things”; this is about some serious quality of life issues. You might not think that a “overgrown shrubbery” is an issue but I think that if the dead, overgrown tree from a neighboring property was laying on the roof of your house in the middle of fire season (or during last year’s snow season when roofs were collapsing under the weight of snow on them, now add the dead tree) then you might start to care a little. Or if someone had a porta-pottie in their front yard, along the fence, for active use and did not bother to empty it periodically for a couple of years that might matter to you if you were trying to sell your property.”

Funny, existing city code says the following:

“Tree limbs shall not touch roof coverings at any time.
Deadwood and litter shall be regularly removed from trees and the surrounding area.Hazard trees, as determined by the Code Official, shall be removed. When determining hazard trees, the Code Official may be guided by industry standards, individual site conditions, hazard ratings, risk assessments, basal area calculations, and/or tree densities determined to be effective in identifying and mitigating fire danger and/or protecting property. Trees that are in such a position that they may fall endangering life or property are determined to be hazard trees.”



SECTION 7-02-001-0008 TREATMENT OF POLLUTED WASTES REQUIRED:It shall be unlawful to discharge to any natural outlet within the City or in any area under the jurisdiction of the City, any sewage, industrial wastes, or other polluted waters, except where suitable treatment has been provided, in accordance with provisions of this Chapter. (Ord. 1104, 12-4-79)

SECTION 7-01-001-0003 TOILETS:Every apartment house, hotel, house court or dwelling shall be provided with toilet facilities. The toilet shall be located conveniently and shall be connected to a public sewer, cesspool or septic tank, and properly trapped and drained.


With the majority of the expressed concerns already addressed with existing law, one has to wonder what the real agenda is behind the proposed PMO.

June 2012 UPDATE: After banning me from her page, Councilwoman Evans posted the following:

“In the four years that I have served this community as a member of the Flagstaff City Council I have always supported freedom of speech and encouraged conversations that are diverse in nature as this is what our country was built on. My Facebook page is open to all opinions that are provided in a civil manner whether we agree or disagree on concepts.”

UPDATE 2: Councilwoman Evans accuses me of calling her names while offering zero evidence and allowing me no chance to defend myself because I am banned from her page:

January 18 SOPA / PIPA Internet Strike

January 17, 2012 1 comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

On January 18, websites across the country will be protesting any way they can to help bring awareness to the dangers of SOPA / PIPA.  Do your part to stop internet censorship! Please contact your congressperson and senators and ask them to oppose the SOPA / PIPA nightmare.


UPDATE: SOPA/PIPA Lose More Supporters On Blackout Day! Keep calling and keep fighting!

No City Council Primary For Flagstaff

January 13, 2012 Leave a comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Flagstaff will not be holding a primary for city council candidates this year.  As of today’s deadline, only six candidates turned in the required signatures to compete for three open spots on the council. At least seven candidates were needed to necessitate a primary. The following candidates will be on the May 15 general election ballot:

Jeff Oravits

Karla Brewster

John Malin

Avtar Khalsa

Coral Evans

Jim McCarthy

There will be a primary for mayoral candidates. The following mayoral candidates turned in signatures by today’s deadline and will appear on the March 13 primary ballot:

Jerry Nabours

Al White

Paul Reilly

Paul Kulpinski

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance is helping organize a council and mayoral candidate forum. Hope to see you there.

Jeff Oravits Turns In Signatures For City Council Run

January 6, 2012 Leave a comment
For immediate release; 1/6/2012

From the City Council Campaign.

Earlier today, long time resident and local businessman Jeff Oravits turned in 950 signatures to the Flagstaff City Clerk’s Office, assuring he will be on the ballot in Flagstaff’s 2012 City Council election.

Find out more about Jeff Oravits at his website:


Flagstaff Candidate Forum Press Release

January 2, 2012 1 comment


Contact email:


Coconino County Republicans, Flagstaff Liberty Alliance, Flagstaff Republican Women, Flagstaff Tea Party, NAU Conservatives, and Young Americans for Liberty at NAU are pleased to present a Flagstaff mayoral and city council candidate forum at the Radisson Woodlands Hotel on February 2, 2012.

This event will be free and open to the public.

Questions for the candidates should be submitted in advance to

Date: February 2, 2012

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: Radisson Woodlands Hotel 1175 w. Route 66

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