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The Other Side Of Occupy Flagstaff

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Last week I wrote about how Occupy Flagstaff had been taken over by the Democratic party and other special interest groups. Many occupy protestors were offended at my comments but eventually some realized that there was a bit of validity to what I was saying.

One person who is very involved with the local movement recently posted the following on the Occupy Flagstaff facebook page:

“Moveon.org is trying pretty hard to hijack this movement, especially the portion in Flagstaff. They are sending out invitations to join THEM each Saturday in front of city hall to protest. Just thought this was something we should all be aware of to help our struggle in keeping this NON-PARTISAN.”


I have spent some time talking to many of the protestors (both online and in person) and have discovered that there are quite a few who are as upset at the Democrats as they are with the Republicans. Surprisingly, many understand the difference between corporatism and capitalism and are not opposed to a true free market system.

I did not attend today’s protest but from what I understand, the groups who were trying to turn this into a partisan event did not attend.  Looking through pictures of the protest, I didn’t see any of the red and blue signs supplied by the Democrats and the few union signs seemed to be hand drawn. The “astroturf” may return next week but it seems that this week’s event was a refreshing change of pace for the movement.

Here are a few of my favorite signs from today:

End The Federal Reserve! The Federal Reserve is one of the main causes of our economic problems. Thank you Occupy Flagstaff for realizing this.

Anybody who has read Nullification by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
understands the significance of this sign. Many solutions to our problems can be found in the 10th Amendment.

End Corporate Welfare! Let the Banks Fail! That’s Capitalism and not anything like Corporatism. A true free market would take the power away from the corrupt corporations who feed at the government trough.


  1. October 22, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Their seems to have been a shift. Keep it issue based, and I think people are willing to listen. I spoke with someone who flirted with Marxist thought today. I enjoyed the conversation. Of course, I was going, but, what about the government’s involvement? How could this monstrosity exist without the support?

    A question he couldn’t really answer.
    They care, and that’s worth something.

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