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Jeff Oravits Officially Announces Run For Flagstaff City Council

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Local businessman, blogger and longtime Flagstaff resident Jeff Oravits officially launched his campaign for Flagstaff City Council on the Mitch & Joe Show this afternoon. Oravits had formed an exploratory committee a while back but until now had not declared if he was seeking a council or mayoral seat.

Soon after his announcement, Oravits sent out the following press release:

Jeff Oravits Announces For Flagstaff City Council

I have worked with Jeff on many local liberty issues in the past and am a big fan of his blog and activism. Flagstaff Liberty Alliance and other groups that I work with do not endorse candidates but I do. Jeff Oravits has my enthusiastic support!

Please check out the following Jeff Oravits links and if you like what you see, subscribe, like and follow:

Official Campaign Website: www.Jeff4Flagstaff.com

Facebook: Jeff 4 Flagstaff Facebook Page

Twitter: Jeff Oravits Twitter

4-21-2012 UPDATE: Ballots have arrived in the mail and people across Flagstaff are voting. Below are pictures from a recent Jeff Oravits for Flagstaff City Council sign rally.


While on the subject of local elections, I wanted to take a moment and talk about the three mayoral candidates who are in the race so far.

Paul Kulpinski has been president of the Flagstaff Unified School District governing board multiple times and is partly responsible for the errors and mismanagement that we’re all so familiar with in the district (see my previous blog posts about FUSD). What he thinks he has to offer Flagstaff as mayor is beyond me. You can be sure that I will actively campaign against him.

Al White currently serves on the Flagstaff city council. A while back I “liked” his Al White for Mayor facebook page so I could thank him for voting to allow permanent storage boxes on residential property (a big private property rights issue that I have discussed on my blog in the past). Not long after that, White blocked me from posting, commenting or liking posts on his page. I asked him why several times on his personal facebook page and he ignored my questions. White obviously represents the status quo and everything that is wrong with politics and politicians these days. If you discourage open conversation and discussion how can you be trusted?  Al White will never get my vote.

Jerry Nabours is the most recent candidate to announce his intentions to run for Flagstaff mayor. I don’t know a whole lot about Nabours but I really like what I’m reading so far! I just might post a Nabours endorsement in the near future.


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