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Artificial Snow Making Protests Erupt Around Flagstaff

By Elisha Dorfsmith

If you read mainstream news sources you have seen minimal coverage of recent protests against artificial snow making at the Snow Bowl. What the mainstream media has failed to report so far is just how big and intense the protests have been.

Perhaps the Daily Sun and other sources are afraid of scaring tourists away but Flagstaff residents deserve to see first hand what is going on in the community. Since the mainstream media seems to be slacking, the responsibility of reporting the story once again falls upon the independent media.

Footage of a protest on Sunday.

Yesterday, Flagstaff City Hall was so concerned that the protests might turn violent that they decided to lock up early. Reports from city hall show that their concerns may not have been completely unwarranted. Flag resident Rich Boyd wrote on the Flag Scanner facebook page that his car was nearly attacked by protesters in the area. Others posted on twitter that the protesters were causing near accidents as they engaged passing traffic.

American media is currently focused on unrest in the UK but most Americans are more concerned about what is happening at home. If there is unrest in Flagstaff, the least the media could do is accurately report on it.

These protests stem from a 2009 Supreme Court decision that ruled in favor of Snow Bowl and their efforts to expand and create artificial snow.

Protesters stop traffic with a banner near Flagstaff City Hall on Tuesday.


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