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For The Last Time, Congressman Gosar Is NOT A Tea Party Republican

July 30, 2011 7 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

CD-1 candidate Wenona Benally Baldenegro has recently focused a lot of time and energy accusing Congressman Paul Gosar of being an extreme tea party Republican. The Huffington Post even covered her campaign with an article titled Arizona’s New Democrats: Wenona’s Bid Inspires Bipartisan Campaign Against Radical Tea Party Rep. Gosar.

Interesting campaign strategy but there’s a huge problem with the premise. Congressman Gosar is anything but a tea party Republican. Yes, he was endorsed by Sarah Palin and yes, he was elected largely due to tea party support but that is where his tea party credibility ends.

Having been very involved with the tea party during the 2010 election, I know firsthand that many in the tea party gave Gosar their complete support based solely on his opposition to the national healthcare bill (and the fact that he waved a pocket Constitution around and promised to consult it before every vote). Few bothered to check any further. If they would have, they would have realized that Gosar is your average status quo Republican who will vote party over principle every single chance he gets. It also would have been clear that Gosar has zero respect for the Constitution, individual rights and personal freedom (perfect example: Gosar was part of a movement a decade ago that tried to force fluoride on the residents of Flagstaff ).

Gosar’s recent vote to raise the debt ceiling along with his votes to extend the “Patriot Act” fly in the face of his supposed tea party principles. These votes (and others) have led to tea party members abandoning the Gosar ship in droves.

Gosar Had A Chance To Earn Some Respect And Co-sponsor HR 459

A couple months ago I attended a Republican PC meeting and asked Gosar’s staff if the Congressman would consider becoming a co-sponsor of HR 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act Of 2011. This is a bill that many in the liberty movement feel very strongly about. They told me that they saw no reason for Gosar not to co-sponsor the bill.

Gosar was recently flooded with reminders from local supporters of HR 459 and still nothing (even Ann Kirkpatrick signed on to an earlier version of this bill)! I think it’s safe to say that Gosar has no intention of calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve. The big question is WHY NOT?!

The majority of the tea party members I know support an audit of the Federal Reserve. Most establishment Republicans do not.

Are you starting to see the disconnect between Gosar and the tea party? It gets even more obvious: 

A visit to Congressman Gosar’s facebook page sheds a lot of light on who Gosar appeals to these days. His most vocal supporters (one with the last name Gosar) heap loads of praise on the Congressman while insulting the tea party and calling them names. Here are a few examples from that facebook page:

“The tea party equals the know nothing party.”

“Tea party extremists.”

“Tea partiers fail to understand in their pea sized brains…”

“Maybe then you tea baggers can stop crying like little girls.”

“The tea party is as bad as Obama.”

Again, these are the same people who say that Gosar is doing a great job.

I have gone on record saying that Congressman Gosar is a traitor to the tea party (you may have heard Mitch & Joe talking about my comments the other day on 105.1 The Big Talker).

If you take the time to look past the labels you will see that Gosar has nothing in common with tea party principles. Gosar played the tea party for fools to win the 2010 election and laughed all the way to Washington.

Some of the more gullible tea party members were willing to give him a pass for his “Patriot Act” votes which trampled the 4th Amendment and made a mockery of the Constitution.

Hopefully Gosar’s vote for the Boehner debt ceiling plan will be a much needed WAKE UP call to the last few faithful tea party supporters he has left.


Peter Schiff on raising the debt ceiling:


Ron Paul and Rand Paul discuss why the Boehner plan is NOT a good plan:


My Response To The July 14 Mitch & Joe Show

July 21, 2011 1 comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

On July 14, the Mitch & Joe Show (on the Big Talker ) read part of a letter I sent them about Coconino County property taxes. They took issue with several of my points and said I had the facts wrong.

Skip to 29:51 at the link below to hear them discuss my letter:

July 14 Mitch & Joe Show Podcast

Here is my response:

July 15, 2011

Hey Guys,

I want to address a couple things you talked about on the show yesterday.

First, During the County meeting last Tuesday, board members claimed several times that the tax rate here is the lowest in the state. I may have to request a recording of the meeting to prove it. If they’re telling you a different story they’re lying to somebody.

Secondly, I think you misunderstood my point about our homes being assessed higher in Flagstaff. My point was that the median home in Flagstaff is valued higher than most of the state. For example, the median home in Flagstaff is valued at about $100,000 more than the median home in Phoenix. Phoenix may be under a higher tax rate but we still pay higher property taxes. Does that make sense?

Lastly, I have talked to several people who told me that they were going to lose their homes and businesses due to higher property taxes. Recent property tax hikes were the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. A lot of people in Flagstaff were talking about it when this article came out:

Most Property Taxes Leap 15 Percent

Hope that helps.

Elisha Dorfsmith

Liberty Movement Leaders Start Ron Paul Revolution PAC

July 20, 2011 Leave a comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Tom Woods, Jack Hunter and Kevin Gutzman have added their names to a long list of liberty movement leaders who are stepping forward to support the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign. The group will be starting a “Super PAC” called Revolution PAC which will produce television and radio ads to promote the ideas and candidacy of Ron Paul.

More information can be found in the press release below:

Revolution PAC
Ron Paul Supporters Form Super PAC

Northbrook, IL – July 19, 2011 – A group of supporters of presidential candidate and twelve-term congressman Ron Paul have formed Revolution PAC, a political action group dedicated to Congressman Paul’s candidacy and ideas, it was announced today.

“Ron Paul is known for having exceptionally creative and energetic grassroots support. Revolution PAC will help make some of their best ideas a reality,” said Advisory Board Chairman Dr. Thomas Woods. Woods, whose 2009 bestseller Meltdown features a foreword by Dr. Paul and who has spoken at many of the congressman’s events, says Revolution PAC will pursue a variety of strategies to promote the candidate’s ideas.

“We’ve got great ideas for television and radio ads – and other things, too – that will highlight the congressman’s unmatched record and differentiate him from the other candidates,” Woods said.

As a Super PAC, Revolution PAC is not subject to the $2500 maximum that applies to presidential campaigns, so it provides a further outlet for those who have already donated the maximum to a campaign.

“I’m delighted to be on board with Revolution PAC, which is well placed to channel grassroots energy and release a professional product in support of Congressman Paul,” added board member Jack Hunter, the author and radio personality who collaborated with Senator Rand Paul on the latter’s book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington.

In addition to Woods and Hunter, the advisory board also includes:

* Joe Becker, chief legal counsel to Ron Paul 2008

* Mike Church, host, The Mike Church Show, Sirius/XM satellite radio,

* Kevin Gutzman, Ph.D., professor of history and New York Times bestselling author,

* Penny Langford Freeman, political consultant and Rep. Ron Paul’s political director, 1998-2007

* Murray Sabrin, Ph.D., professor of finance at Ramapo College

* Brion McClanahan, Ph.D., professor of history and author of the forthcoming Founding Fathers’ Guide to the Constitution (Regnery, January 2012)

* Robert Wenzel, editor and publisher,

* Chris Rye, director/producer, For Liberty, a Ron Paul grassroots feature documentary

* Corey Kealiher, director/producer, For Liberty, a Ron Paul grassroots feature documentary

* Mary E. Putnam, Daughter of the American Revolution, Revolution PAC Fundraising and Media Coordinator

* Lawrence W. Lepard, Managing Partner of Equity Management Associates

* Gary S. Franchi Jr., president of Revolution PAC, national director of Restore the Republic, and host of the Reality Report

For more information or to make a contribution to Revolution PAC, visit

Mary Putnam
3149 Dundee Rd. #176
Northbrook, IL 60062
Ph: 866-202-9367

Coconino County Unanimously Approves Property Tax Hike

July 12, 2011 10 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

About 60 concerned Coconino County residents attended a public hearing on a proposed 2% property tax increase this afternoon. While this increase is considered small, county residents are furious to see this tax hike coming on the heels of a recent 18.5% county tax increase. After much public input, the board went ahead and unanimously approved raising the tax.

Some citizens speaking to the board before the vote wondered if there was anything the county could possibly cut from their budget.”We all have to live within our means, why can’t you?” One attendee asked.

Board member Carl Taylor (who earlier had falsely suggested that all attendees in the room were members of the tea party) responded with “The County has reduced below what is healthy.”

He blamed the public for the high cost of running the county and pointed out that 38% of the county budget goes to criminal justice. “Tell your friends and family to behave.” He said.

Don Peavey of Free Flagstaff Media revisited the criminal justice topic later on and told the board that the county could save millions by releasing some non-violent offenders.

Other concerned residents told the board that they feel the county is working against the people rather than working for the people. One resident asked “what benefits have we received from these tax increases?”

“Your signs are heartfelt but this board is also heartfelt.” Board Member Mandy Metzger told the crowd as the board prepared to vote. One by one the board voted yes.

After the vote was taken a low murmur of disgust could be heard around the room.

Coconino County taxpayers protest outside the County Administrative Center before the meeting.

Jeff Oravits who recently formed an exploratory committee to run for City office holds a sign outside the county building.

Concerned Coconino County residents start filling the meeting room before the public hearing.

City of Flagstaff Considering Civil Rights Ordinance

July 11, 2011 3 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

The Flagstaff City Council will be discussing a possible Civil Rights Ordinance at their July 12, 2011 work session. For those interested in attending, the meeting starts at 5:30 pm at Flagstaff City Hall.

Is a broad Civil Rights Ordinance really necessary for Flagstaff or is the council simply chasing another distraction? Putting aside my personal views on where the proper role of government should be in these situations, I think it’s important to note that there are many state and federal laws already on the books that protect people from discrimination. Do we really need more laws?

One disturbing aspect about this potential ordinance is the fact that there has been talk of building in exemptions for a select few.  For example, churches will most likely be allowed to discriminate but the average business owner will not be able to…even if it directly conflicts with their religion or purpose of business.

If this ordinance does advance, I hope the City will NOT exempt churches. Watching those fireworks would be a very interesting show and would cause the focus to turn to whose liberty is being protected and whose liberty is being taken away. Everyone needs to be outraged by this and giving churches a pass will pacify a usually vocal segment of the community. All sides should be involved in this process.

Should a Buddhist business be forced to hire Christians? Should a Christian bookstore be forced to hire someone whose complicated gender identification conflicts with the message of the products sold? Should a far left progressive organization be forced to hire Republicans?

Let’s take a look at what may be covered by the Civil Rights Ordinance:

Personal appearance. (Imagine the guy below working at a local daycare. Lets say he’s awesome and passes the background check and everything. He will still scare some parents away and the business may be forced out of business. Should it be illegal for a business to expect their employees to look or dress a certain way?)

Political Affiliation.

Gender Identification.

Sexual Identification.

Education. (Seriously? Where is this going? If I need an educated employee will I be forced to hire a high school dropout instead?)

Personality conflicts. (Talk about a can of worms…)

Short term disability.

Needless to say, there are lots of unanswered questions with this whole ordinance. I see red flags all over the place. Where it could end up is anybody’s guess. The whole community needs to be active in these discussions in order to make sure certain special interest groups don’t dominate the policy. Civil rights are important but is it progress when we give more rights to some while trampling the rights of others?

City of Flagstaff holding more “Regional Plan” meetings

July 6, 2011 1 comment

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Hey everyone,

Want to stand up to the radical implementation of Agenda 21 in Flagstaff? If so, please consider attending and making your voice heard at the upcoming “Flagstaff Regional Plan” meetings that the City Of Flagstaff is holding at the Community Federated Church (more information below).

As you may know, the City of Flagstaff has strong ties to ICLEI and Agenda 21. I have explained in past blogs that we must take a stand soon before this nonsense goes too far and the city tries to regulate everything from how long we can shower to how low we must keep our thermostat.

Local environmental groups are planning to push their agenda at the upcoming Flagstaff Regional Plan meetings and expect little to no opposition. Let’s show the City Of Flagstaff  that we’re not going to sit down and accept this extreme agenda any longer.

More info on the upcoming meetings here:

City of Flagstaff Opens Design Charrette Days to the Public

How should the Flagstaff area manage growth?

Local activist group Friends of Flagstaff’s Future is encouraging their members to attend these meetings to push for more environmental regulation.

This is the message Friends of Flagstaff’s Future (F Cubed) sent their supporters:

“This is the first of four work sessions (organized by the City) where we can share with the City and the County our vision for Flagstaff. If you do not follow regional planning process, this is your opportunity to really affect the policies that will drive Flagstaff’s future. You can just come for one hour anytime during the scheduled work sessions. Your input is critical and Friends of Flagstaff’s Future would like to encourage you to participate in this, even if this is the only time you can get involved in planning Flagstaff’s future. Your voice is THAT important.

All planned sessions (same location) are scheduled for:
7/14 – 10 am – 2 pm: preservation/natural resources
7/14 – 4 pm – 6 pm: development/ built environment
7/15 – 11 am – 2 pm: growth – land use, transportation, utilities
7/21 – 12 pm – 4 pm: growth II – big, tall, sparse, intense, dense”

I think it is VERY important that Flagstaff Liberty Alliance supporters attend these meetings.  My wife and I are going to try to go to as many of these sessions as possible. We can’t let those who hate private property rights and individual freedom get their way. Time to stand up for liberty and common sense in Flagstaff.

Ron Paul Grassroots Take Part In Flagstaff July 4th Parade

July 4, 2011 4 comments

By Elisha Dorfsmith

About 40 enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters waved signs and handed out thousands of pieces of Ron Paul 2012 literature at the annual 4th of July Parade in Flagstaff, Arizona this morning.

For the most part, the response from the estimated 10,000 people who attended was positive and friendly and we received a lot of great feedback. One of the radio station announcers made our day by telling people to “Google Ron Paul.”

Several attendees (including Mayor Presler) told us afterward that we were the most organized entry in the parade.

Even some who disagree with our political philosophy said that they have a lot of respect for our commitment and enthusiasm. We are making a difference.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who was a part of this event and worked so hard to make it such a huge success! Ron Paul supporters are the coolest, most dedicated people in the world. Thank you!!!


Freedom is popular!

Every parade needs Ron Paul blimp balloons!

Group picture!


Join the Flagstaff Ron Paul grassroots campaign here:

Ron Paul 2012 Flagstaff Grassroots!

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