Liberty Spotlight: Red Pill Movies

By Elisha Dorfsmith

You’ve seen their posters on bulletin boards around town advertising unconventional and controversial documentaries and films. Tacos Locos and the Orpheum Theater are their venues of choice. They have promoted films covering everything from food freedom to the tea party movement. So who exactly are these Red Pill Movie guys?

Red Pill Movies got its name from the dystopian film The Matrix and is the brainchild of local activist Frank Mulligan who started the group in 2007. He was soon joined by brothers Peter and Paul Perreault. Their hope is that Red Pill Movies will help make the public more aware of ideas and information that the mainstream media often ignores or suppresses. At Red Pill Movie screenings, attendees are challenged to seek the truth by questioning everything and coming to their own conclusions.

Red Pill Movie events bring out a diverse crowd of movie fans, truth seekers and activists from across the political spectrum. The organizers are always on the look out for films that are not afraid to ask the tough questions. Upcoming Red Pill events can be found on their website.

The Perreault brothers discuss Red Pill films with attendees at a recent event at Tacos Locos.

“We bring you the media that the media won’t bring you.” –Frank Mulligan

Red Pill Movies founder Frank Mulligan and myself after a State Representative LD2 Debate. Frank ran as a Libertarian against State Representative Tom Chabin.

A few of my favorite Red Pill Movies:

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