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FUSD Anti Bullying Policy Creeps Forward

By Elisha Dorfsmith

FUSD board members took steps at their May 24, 2011 meeting to amend the language of a proposed new anti bullying policy which seeks to define exactly what bullying is.

Board members showed signs that they are starting to visualize the giant can of worms they are opening by creating a clear definition of bullying. During tonight’s reading of the amended definition, several board members concluded that the policy needed more clarification.

Mr. Bavasi expressed concern that a child could say something that a teacher might view as negative but other students would have no problem with. Ms. Biggerstaff wondered if blowing a kiss could be perceived as a punishable gesture.

It seems the definition is too broad and too specific at the same time. On one hand students could be punished for innocent behavior due to vague wording and on the other hand students who bully in ways that do not fit the definition could avoid punishment.

I have expressed some of those same concerns in past blogs:

FUSD Working To Ensure A Culture Of Acceptance

FUSD Hears Proposed Definition Of Bullying

The following comment was posted on one of my previous articles:

“Any explicit definition of bullying is going to expose the transgressions of the authorities…”

I completely agree. I have a feeling district lawyers will be very busy in the coming years.

In addition to the anti bullying policy and the usual doom and gloom budget discussion, other highlights from the May 24 meeting include:

An impressive student presentation from Thomas Elementary students who discussed and demonstrated how they use i Pads in the classroom. Thomas is taking part in a pilot project which utilizes technology in the classroom. Technology is the future and if American schools are going to be competitive they must take steps in this direction.

Approval of 606 certified contracts.

A decision not to issue RIF notices due to 70+ resignations.

All votes were unanimous. Mr. Vasquez was absent.

Tonight’s full agenda can be found HERE.


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