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Jeff Oravits Forms Exploratory Committee For Flagstaff City Council

By Elisha Dorfsmith

This afternoon, local blogger and businessman Jeff Oravits announced the formation of an exploratory committee for a run for Flagstaff City Council. The press release reads as follows:

“For immediate release:

Earlier today I formed the Jeff4Flagstaff Exploratory Committee. City Hall’s mismanagement of our tax dollars and their anti-business, anti-growth policies have stifled our economy. Over the coming months I will be examining City Hall’s budget, departments, staffing and policies. We need people in City Council that have an understanding of business and economics. Our quality of life is depending on it! I feel there are problems at Flagstaff City Hall that need to be addressed. As a long-time resident of Flagstaff and small business owner, I can no longer sit back and watch as City Council and City Staff create policy after policy that negatively affects Flagstaff’s economy. I can no longer sit back and assume that City Hall and our Council are making the best decisions for our future. The time for action is now!”

As you probably know, I have been a fan of Jeff’s blog for quite some time and you may remember a recent article I wrote about one of his run ins with City Hall.

Seeing that Jeff has decided to take steps to run for City Council is great news. He has my enthusiastic support.

I hope you will check out his website www.Jeff4Flagstaff.com and consider joining his facebook and twitter pages.


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