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Huge Crowd Turns Out For Atlas Shrugged In Flagstaff

By Elisha Dorfsmith

An enthusiastic crowd of 350 people attended tonight’s sold out private screening of Atlas Shrugged at Harkins. The event was organized by the Flagstaff Tea Party whose members had been actively requesting the movie in Flagstaff. The group ended up renting the theater themselves to hold the screening after it was confirmed that the film would not be coming to the area.

Atlas Shrugged is destined to become a cult classic and despite the critics, Ayn Rand fans everywhere are giving the film rave reviews. While it is low budget and may be hard to follow if you are not familiar with the story, the message is clearly brought together at the end. Government is too big and too intrusive.

Of course, the ultimate success of the trilogy will depend largely on if the other two sequels are released. I think the chances of them being released are good but it wouldn’t hurt to encourage your friends and family to support the film to ensure the project is completed. If you missed tonight’s screening I have heard that there may be another private screening in Sedona in the coming weeks.

Rand fans waiting for the doors to open.

Tea Party volunteers.

Capacity crowd.


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