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Tucson Progressives Want To Secede From Arizona

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Anyone who reads the Arizona Daily Sun or just about any other mainstream newspaper in Arizona knows that when the term “nullification” is brought up it is almost always accompanied by accusations of “secession”.  Those of us who support nullification are often called “anarchists” who don’t respect laws and elected officials. How dare we question the authority of our overloards who know what’s best for us! How dare we ask if certain laws are constitutional!

In an ironic turn of events, many of these same people are now calling for Tucson to secede from Arizona and create a new state:

Arizona Group Pushes Referendum on Pima County Secession

Even more ironic, they are using Arizona’s recent interest in nullification as one of their main reasons for wanting to secede.

From the above article:

“The recent passage of a Senate bill that would allow Arizona to “nullify,” or ignore, any federal law a panel of lawmakers deemed unconstitutional was the last straw, Eckerstrom said.”

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this is how much support the Tucson secession movement is getting. Their Facebook page has over 3,000 members and a quick search uncovered several liberal blogs and articles defending the idea.

Even people in Flagstaff are getting vocal about Tucson secession. During a recent discussion about spending on the Facebook page of Mayor Presler, someone said the following:

“I hope they take Marana and South Tucson with them. After reading all of the recent laws pumping through, coupled with immigration, gun laws, corporate tax breaks to bring in jobs and tax revenue, and dropping programs that bring huge federal funding I seriously think they (Arizona) are aiming to become their own country. I am surprised the federal government is not intervening, especially since other states are watching our state for cues and ideas.”

So let me get this straight.

Checking to see if federal laws are constitutional is considered crazy.

Standing up for the 9th and 10th amendments to the United States Constitution is considered anarchy.


Breaking away from Arizona because you don’t like what the state is doing is considered perfectly sane and rational?

I honestly don’t care if Tucson decides to secede from Arizona or not. It’s their choice.  What I am fascinated by is how progressives will freak out about something simple like nullification and then offer up something even more unconventional and extreme like secession and never even bat an eye.


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