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Rand Paul Goes To Washington

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Thanks to the Flagstaff Hastings and their habit of putting books out before the release date, I now hold in my hands a copy of The Tea Party Goes To Washington by Senator Rand Paul. I have been highly anticipating the release of this book and when I heard that Jack Hunter played a big part in making this happen was even more anxious to read it.

The first half of The Tea Party Goes To Washington is very autobiographical and personal. Rand Paul reminisces about the primary, the general election, his childhood and his father’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Paul comes across as a very warm, likable, everyday guy who genuinely cares about America. A refreshing contrast to the perception the media and his opponents tried to portray when he was running for Senate.

It’s a sad fact that the term “tea party” has become so politically charged over the past couple years that it has lost much of it’s original meaning. In The Tea Party Goes To Washington, Rand helps show us the human side of the tea party as he reminds us that the tea party is really just loosely organized groups of average Americans who are frustrated with excessive government spending, debt, overstretch, and politics as usual.

The second half of the book focuses more on issues and what it means to be a “Constitutional Conservative”. Paul covers a wide variety of topics including constitutionally limited government, states’ rights, the Patriot Act, and military spending.

There were some in the liberty movement who were afraid that Rand Paul would not be as principled as his father when he got to Washington. While Ron and Rand do disagree from time to time, I think this book proves that Rand has every intention of sticking to his campaign promises and fighting for what he believes in. He’s not just “following in his daddy’s footsteps”, he is helping lead the charge for limited government and adherence to the Constitution.

To my friends in the liberty movement who may have reservations about the tea party and how this book seems to be written for the average tea party member and not the hardcore libertarian, please understand the importance of what Rand is doing. The Republican party has been trying to hijack the tea party for quite some time so they can use the movement to help promote the status quo. With this book, Rand Paul pulls the rug out from under the establishment’s feet and directs the tea party toward the issues that really matter.

Be sure to check out the recommended reading list in the back of the book!

Rand Paul speaks at CPAC:


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