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Highlights From The February 8th FUSD Board Meeting

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Tonight’s Flagstaff Unified School District board meeting was fairly short compared to most recent meetings. Things got started at 5:30 and we were out at 7:00. I have started to notice that more and more people are attending. I hope this trend continues. District residents need to get involved and become more aware of where our tax dollars are going and how our children are being educated.

The only major presentation was by teachers from Mount Elden Middle School who shared a plan to start a magnet program called Alpine Leadership Academy. ALA would offer a two year experiential learning program which would connect classrooms to natural spaces and communities. This would be accomplished through learning expeditions to wilderness areas and through community service projects in Flagstaff.

During Superintendent Barbara Hickman’s report, she mentioned an article she included in tonight’s packet for the board. The article addresses school bullying and has some interesting results from a recent study.  You can find it here: Most, least popular kids less likely to bully, study says.

All action items on tonight’s agenda passed unanimously.

The board approved changing FUSD’s wireless phone program. Currently, the district provides wireless phones to qualified employees who use them for school business purposes. The new program gives qualified employees a wireless phone allowance. This change will save the district $23,481 per year. More information on the new program can be found on page 35 HERE.

The board also approved new boilers and a generator for Sinagua Middle School. More details on the boiler situation can be found in this Daily Sun article.

Before concluding, the board decided to resume discussion on a proposed school bullying policy at their March 29th meeting. They will be giving community members a chance to weigh in. PFLAG may also be speaking at that time. If you have strong feelings one way or the other about a new bullying policy, I would encourage you to attend and make your voice heard.


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