Nullification Goes Mainstream

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Big Government defenders have been running around like crazy trying to figure out how to combat the sudden interest in nullification by state legislators across the country. The concept is nothing new but thanks to the great work of the Tenth Amendment Center and an incredible book by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. titled Nullification, the idea has been gaining steam.

Today, Nullification became the talk of Arizona as big government cheerleaders and statists in the media wrote hit pieces and blogs attacking the idea. The Arizona Daily Sun had the following story on their site:

New panel to nullify fed laws?


I watched the reaction to the proposal in the legislature sweep across social networking sites and show up in the comment section of newspaper articles.  Big Government lovers were out in force screaming “this is an outrage” but there were also many people excited about the idea.

A few years ago, I was part of a fantastic local organization called the States’ Rights Coalition of Northern Arizona. Blake and Brittany Bowen founded the group with the hope that Northern Arizona residents would take an interest in the 10th Amendment and states’ rights.

Due to it’s core members being pulled in many different directions, the States’ Rights Coalition of Northern Arizona is not as active as it once was. Still, we have never stopped working to promote states’ rights every chance we get. I can happily say that our work, along with the work of many others across the country has led the movement to a place we thought to be nearly impossible a few years ago…nullification has gone mainstream!

States’ Rights Coalition members take time out for a picture with Roger Boone (right), founder of the Flagstaff Tea Party in this September 2009 photo.

Tony Harrison echos what my big government loving friends say about Nullification.

  1. February 13, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Wow. That is a passel of new laws listed in that AzDailySun article you’ve linked. Could State gov’t become as large an albatross as fed? Nevertheless, good discussions to be having out in public, bring it on.

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