By Elisha Dorfsmith

Thomas E. Woods, Jr. is back with his newest contribution to the current political/economic dialogue: Rollback.  Rollback proves once again that Woods is one of the most prolific and relevant authors in the liberty movement today. He wastes no time getting straight to the point: Government is too big and unsustainable. Unless drastic measures are taken and massive cuts are made, the system will collapse. Throughout the book, I kept getting the feeling that Woods was subconsciously channeling Harry Browne.

Woods occasionally touches on themes that were in his previous book Meltdown as he attacks bailouts and the Federal Reserve and champions true free markets.  Excessive government spending and meddling is discussed in detail and a giant spotlight is focused on waste and overstretch. Woods even goes where few dare to tread as he spends a whole chapter focusing on cutting military and defense spending. In order to survive, everything must be on the table. No more sacred cows.

While many libertarian books seem to use terminology that preaches to the choir, Rollback makes the case for limited government in a simple, easy to understand way that even our non-political friends can relate to.  It’s a great tool for educating our family and neighbors who have not been paying close attention to the causes of our economic troubles. You might even want to buy a copy for your congressperson.

Rollback is not scheduled to be released until February 7th but the Flagstaff Hastings already has several copies on the shelf.

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