Federal Funding

By Elisha Dorfsmith

I finally got around to listening to Showroom Of Compassion, the new Cake album.  Overall, it is a mediocre CD but I really appreciated the opening track Federal Funding. It’s rare when a popular band (Showroom Of Compassion is currently #6 on Amazon) writes a political song that speaks my language. What a pleasant surprise to find Cake ranting against federal grants and those who receive them.

In the past, I have railed against everyone from Snowbowl to NAU for seeking federal funds. The federal grant/bailout mentality has to stop. The National debt has soared past 14 trillion and still people want to get their hands on more federal cash.  Everyone likes to pretend that grant money is free. They can’t be that naive. We’re all paying a heavy price for excessive government spending.

I don’t know the political philosophy of Cake but I always like to bring attention to liberty lyrics. I think I will dedicate this song to North Country regional medical director Dr. Eric Henley, a man with giant federal $$ signs in his eyes.

“You’ll receive the federal funding, you can have a hefty grant
Strategize this presentation, make them see that you’re the man”

(Note: you may have to click the “watch on youtube” link on the video).


  1. j
    January 21, 2011 at 7:47 am

    amerika-land of the free-money. who can afford not to take it now, looking at future bills.
    i think the evolving line is that as long as US is favored currency, we can print forever. and balance of trades makes everything alright
    china must have a joker up their sleve — alternate story is they cant aford to cash and crash their dollars. world bank up soon with world currency plan-again.
    marketoracle is a good read. wish i still had time to!

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