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Flagstaff Council Nannies Strike Again

By Elisha Dorfsmith

The brilliant minds of our Flagstaff City Council are once again working hard to protect you from yourself. This time they are spending $1,500 of your tax dollars to install signs informing residents that they need a permit before they can drink beer or wine at two city parks. The permits are free so this is not a sneaky attempt to raise funds. Plain and simple, this is the council putting Flagstaff residents on another leash:


I have often brought beer to family barbecues and picnics at local parks. I have spent a lot of time at local parks with my son and have never seen anyone causing problems because of alcohol (I know cases do exist but they are rare). Asking me to get a permit so I can have a nice Saturday with my family is not only a waste of my time but it is also a waste of the City Of Flagstaff’s time and taxpayer money.

Let’s be honest here, the only people who will get permits will be the law abiding citizens who are not the cause of any problems. Once again, Flagstaff punishes the many because of a few. There are already laws on the books to take care of homeless alcoholics who are “causing trouble”.  Why punish ME???


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