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Welcome To The Snitch Society

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Today we got the big news that the Department Of Homeland Security plans on expanding their “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to WalMart and beyond:


I talked to a couple people who usually defend police actions and they were visibly shaken up over this development. They shouldn’t be surprised.

A snitch system is the obvious next step in our surveillance society. It starts with an increased police presence, then cameras everywhere, then tracking and finally a network of citizen informants to catch whatever might slip through the government’s fingers. Citizen informants are the necessary progression on the slippery slope to a comprehensive police state.

When Drudge broke this story this morning, I was immediately reminded of an article I read last year on a slightly different topic entitled “Citizen Informants”:


It applies even more today than it did then and shows just how hard our government has stepped on the accelerator as they rush to scare the population into perfect submission. People used to be called “conspiracy theorists” for talking about a police state in the USA. Now it’s all over the mainstream media on a daily basis. Welcome to the snitch society…


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